Day #7; Plans for the day;

See the previous post for support on your “I Have a Dream” speech.

English 20:
Learning targets:
I can define irony and provide examples of REAL irony.
I can articulate themes/messages within different types of literature.

Socrative quiz for marks on; A Private Talk with Holly by Leslie Norris
Log onto;
Room number: Mann205
Complete quiz

Can you recall 5 examples of REAL irony?
Was Alanis Morrisette a brilliant film writer who created the perfect irony song?

We will read; Keeper’n Me and Breaking The Ice.
“Keeper’n Me”; What is a theme in “Keeper’n Me”? What can we learn from this memoir by Richard Wagamese
What does this say about any ‘skeletons in Canada’s closet’?
“Breaking The Ice”; What is meant by; “She may be your mom, she she’s still a fish?” mean?
What is the point of this magazine column?
Work on your own or with a neighbour;
Blog Post;
a) Write a point-form job description for your ideal date; try and use humour to get your ideas across.
b) Write a point-form job description for; someone famous; ideal date.
c) Write a point-form job description for your pets ideal date
The floor will be open to anyone wanting to share.

Write these on your English 20 Literature List.

Social Studies 20:
Learning targets; 1.51-1.56
WORK PERIOD; I Have a Dream speech.
Assignment will be due Friday.

Media Studies/Photography 20:
Field trip discussions;
-take letter home, get it signed, bring back fees asap
YOUR PREDICTIONS; lets review them
Catfish discussions;

Things I want to discuss with you today:
DON’T limit yourself to being a “CONSUMER!”
It is time to have ‘living textbooks’.
You can be an agent of change.

Moving forward;
Are you employable?

Day #6; Plans for Tuesday in Mrs. E’s SGMS class…

Hey all;
Happy Tuesday…

Start the thought process on:

We will start our Public Service Announcements in a few weeks. You can start thinking of ideas now! Remember students have won $$$$ in the past!

We will start our Public Service Announcements in a few weeks. You can start thinking of ideas now!
Remember students have won $$$$ in the past!

English 20:
Same targets as previous as well as;
I can differentiate between different types of conflict within a story.
Ensure you have read and blog posted about Shaving by Leslie Norris.
Lets discuss this short story today.
What was the theme?
What was is about?
What did Barry help his father do?
What did Barry’s father let go of?
Did Barry’s father pass away?
You will then read; A Private Talk with Holly by Henry Gregor Felsen on your own and answer the following questions.
1) Explain what each character felt during this talk out on the water. Then tell whose feelings you most related to and explain why?
2) Every story MUST have a conflict of some type. This is a struggle between two opposing forces. The opposing forces may be within a character, someone who is trying to make a decision, for example. A character may be in conflict with some outside force- NATURE, SOCIETY, or another CHARACTER. Many stories have more than one conflict. What are the conflicts in this story.
Describe them;
*Man vs Man
*Man vs Nature
*Man vs Himself
*Man vs Society

Social Studies 20:
1847 – The first theater opened in Hawaii.
1939 – Canada declared war on Germany.
1963 – Twenty black students entered public schools in Alabama at the end of a standoff between federal authorities and Alabama governor George C. Wallace.
1998 – U.S. President Clinton met with members of his Cabinet to apologize, ask forgiveness and promise to improve as a person in the wake of the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky. 
2002 – Switzerland became the 190th member of the United Nations.

Social Studies Targets; 1.51-1.56
We will watch; MLKJr’s I Have a Dream Speech today.
You will begin writing your own speech today.
Click SUPPORT GUIDE for a guide if you need one.
(Remember- there is no WRONG way to do this.)
To see how you will be marked:
CLICK HERE: Speech Rubric Revised
(Remember; if you chose to simply do a recording; this will be adjusted on your rubric.)

Photography/Media Studies 20:
NIKON’s This day… Click HERE 
We will begin with:

Take a minute to predict what you think will happen in CATFISH.
What do you think will happen to (Yaniv)Nev?
What do you think will happen to Abby?
Is Abby real?
What do you think will happen to Angele?
Is Angele real?
What do you think will happen to Megan?
Is Megan real?
Will they meet?
Is Nev in love with Megan?
What message do you think you can learn from Nev’s story?