Day #7; Plans for the day;

See the previous post for support on your “I Have a Dream” speech.

English 20:
Learning targets:
I can define irony and provide examples of REAL irony.
I can articulate themes/messages within different types of literature.

Socrative quiz for marks on; A Private Talk with Holly by Leslie Norris
Log onto;
Room number: Mann205
Complete quiz

Can you recall 5 examples of REAL irony?
Was Alanis Morrisette a brilliant film writer who created the perfect irony song?

We will read; Keeper’n Me and Breaking The Ice.
“Keeper’n Me”; What is a theme in “Keeper’n Me”? What can we learn from this memoir by Richard Wagamese
What does this say about any ‘skeletons in Canada’s closet’?
“Breaking The Ice”; What is meant by; “She may be your mom, she she’s still a fish?” mean?
What is the point of this magazine column?
Work on your own or with a neighbour;
Blog Post;
a) Write a point-form job description for your ideal date; try and use humour to get your ideas across.
b) Write a point-form job description for; someone famous; ideal date.
c) Write a point-form job description for your pets ideal date
The floor will be open to anyone wanting to share.

Write these on your English 20 Literature List.

Social Studies 20:
Learning targets; 1.51-1.56
WORK PERIOD; I Have a Dream speech.
Assignment will be due Friday.

Media Studies/Photography 20:
Field trip discussions;
-take letter home, get it signed, bring back fees asap
YOUR PREDICTIONS; lets review them
Catfish discussions;

Things I want to discuss with you today:
DON’T limit yourself to being a “CONSUMER!”
It is time to have ‘living textbooks’.
You can be an agent of change.

Moving forward;
Are you employable?