Script Writing

The following is to support you with SCRIPT writing:

Let’s talk about the SCRIPT:
-includes stage directions that indicate the time and place of the action, entrances and exits, and what characters are doing on stage
-gives details of setting that lead into the beginning of the script
-employs dialogue (character(s) words) that moves the action along
-builds around a believable conflict/problem/issue or problem that makes sense in your world
-includes graphics, music, transitions, blend in, cut in, fade in

C: Center
D: Downstage
DR: Downstage Right
DRC: Downstage Right Center
DC: Downstage Center
DLC: Downstage Left Center
DL: Downstage Left
R: Right
RC: Right Center
L: Left
Left Center:
U: Upstage
UR: Upstage Right
URC: Upstage Right Center
UC: Upstage Center
ULC: Upstage Left Center
UL: Upstage Left

The rubric you will be graded on is HERE.