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Hey guys!
*Much of the following is from Our Story. Credit to them. 

The time has come to take advantage of something YOU are passionate about.
Have you ever said;
I will never use this in real life?
Why does this matter?
School isn’t about the real world.

School doesn’t apply to things I am interested in.
In short, we ask the question,
“What makes you come alive and how can you utilize your gifts to make change?” 
This project will be offered to The School of Global Media Studies students in Grade 11.

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Let’s check out the following TEDTalk together.

Let’s make ‘learning’ matter to EACH and EVERYONE of US. YOU!
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English 20:
Curriculum HERE.
2016 English 20 Course Outline 

Media 20
Curriculum HERE.
Complete Learning Targets available HERE.
2016 Media Studies 20 Course Outline

Photography 20:
Curriculum HERE.
Complete Learning Targets available HERE.
2016 Photography 20 Course Outline

Social Studies 20:
Curriculum HERE.=
Complete Learning Targets available HERE.
2016 Social Studies 20 Course Outline

1) Essential Question: What is your essential question DRIVING your #PassionProject?
We will start by: planning/brainstorming/finding your passion
-What takes up a bulk of your time?
-What gets you fired up?
-What do you want to learn?
Let’s take your passions and what you want to learn and FUSE them together.

2) The Pitch:
-bring in critiquing/students will pitch ideas to the team
(Vine Video: Chipotle Video)
Intrinsic motivation happens if you LIKE what you are doing.”
*This will feel like speed dating.
-experiential component
The Pitch will take place in VIDEO format. You can chose any program to create this video.

3) Organizational Platform
This will house EVERYTHING you are doing.
-Google Sites

4) Professional Portraits:
a) 1 self portrait
b) 10 images charting and highlighting your project

5) Video(s):  There are 3 mandatory videos to your project.
Examples: Rant, TEDTALK, Vlog, Newsstory, Storyboard, Promo Video
*Don’t want to make your own news story- do an awesome job and call NewCap.

6) Project: Complete the project! Chart your successes.
Success chart:
What is working?
Where do you want to go?

Essential Question (posted on wall in room and it will start your video)
Proposal VIDEO/Pre Video
Photography Component
Post Video
Final Presentation

Important Dates to Remember for My Passion My Project
February 12: Essential Question
February 18: Song Analysis #1
February 26: Website Platform
February 29: Pre Video
March 1: Blog Post #1
March 3: Propose Your Plan with Letter of Application
March 16: Visual Representation (Graphic Design)
March 17: Introduce and Thank a Speaker
March 30: Project Photography
April 7: Self Portrait
April 13: Project Photography
April 18-20: ESSAY (5 Paragraph)
April 29: Resume is due on your Website/Blog
May 4: Project Photography
May 6: Blog Post #2
May 16: Visual Representation (Graphic Design)
May 16-20: Organization Study
May 25: Genre and Photographic Study
June 1: Project Photography
June 3: Song Analysis #2
June 9-10 OR 16-17: Present YOUR My Passion My Project

*Just for reference, not official yet.
Genius Hour Rubric for CREATIVITY
Genius Hour General Rubrics and Ideas

Are you a musician? Would you like to look into building your musical presence online?
Would you like to work on supporting a school abroad?
Have no idea what you want to do with your life? Let’s do it.
Interested in writing a novel, children’s book, or a book of original poems?
Documentary of the current crisis in Lloydminster?
Documentary on the Syrian refugee current event?
Create a how-to video about soccer, fixing Xbox controllers, fitness, ANYTHING
Paint a mural in town…?
Go vegetarian or vegan
Bake something new every week for a specific period of time.
Learn how to cook…
Learn how to crochet or speaking another language?
Learn how to play the bass, piano, ukelele
Learn my family’s recipes and cook with my grandmother, aunt, mother
Learn how to longboard
Create a movie by writing a script, filming, and editing
Study and learn depression, high school anxiety problems
Learn yoga
Create a music album of original tracks, write your own songs?
Start a business?
Plan and carry out a clean-up day in the community
What does Lloyd need?- develop a plan and implement
What does Holy Rosary need? -develop a plan and implement
Learn how to do crafty things with Pinterest
Interested in supporting First Nations people in our community? What do they need?
Raise money for OVU
Create, market, and sell candles
Create a short claymation or a stop motion movies or videos
Create an online newspaper for Lloyd/HRHS
Create a movie about free things to do in the area to post to YouTube
Expand the school’s athletic program for a specific sport
Develop and fine tune photography skills and create a portfolio
Learn how to fix my car: oil, tires, filters, etc
Research behind-the-scenes of movies jobs
Quit eating fast food and document progress
Make and donate something for the Children’s Hospital
Invent an iPhone charger that works with kinetic energy
3D print something useful
Build a timing booth for the school’s track team
Create a form to help future students get into colleges
Make and send care packages to the troops overseas
Making and selling hair bows to donate money to charity
Learn improv
Learn how to swim, dive, scuba dive, run
Improve my time on the mile
Run a marathon
Pay it Forward
Constructing a computer

Genius Hour RULES:
-You must have fun, you must work hard…
-music will be played
-this will occur WEDNESDAYS
-you must connect with OTHERS; Skype, Presentations
-Google Forms DAILY check in (make is a QR code)
Where are you at?
What questions do you have?
How do I help you?
-Reflections will occur every (4 weeks)
-Update on our Genius Hour Board/WordPress

What is Genius Hour?
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Genius Hour Website
Genius Hour Presentation (FETC) 2016 (Carter)
Presentation (Google Slides)
Genius Hour Handout: Genius_hour
Self Assessment Rubric: revised rubric

From Mr. Basaraba:
Teach Thought (6 Principals of Genius Hour in the Classroom)