Well, it is officially official. I have completed the University of Regina Community Based program and now have a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction! Below is a picture of the cohort.

One of my favourite classes was:
EC&I 808 Instruction: Theory and Practice
Understanding Instruction Through Inquiry Into Teaching and Teacher Narrative with Julie Machnaik you can follow her on Twitter or through her blog.

(Above is a picture program coordinator, Stephen Kemp took during our second summer session in Meadow Lake, SK. Below is a picture Julie Machniak took of a ‘fishbowl’ activity we did. What we do to become more reflective and better teachers!)

My thesis/action research project began in the fall of 2012 as I worked with 22 students within The School of Global Media Studies.
Responses to various articles and readings can be found within my blog.

SURVEYAction1 (This link are questions used to further inform professional practices and decisions towards using blogs within the classroom. It is a means to collect data from students.)

Current Working Essay for Tech Leadership Class (January 14, 2012)

TPACK model here.

My action research project can be found here:
Mann Masters AR Report

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