Jessie Mann Photography

Annie Leibovitz once said:
“You don’t have to enhance reality. There is nothing stranger or more enthrawling than the truth.”
This is the framework I have built my photography business on. I work to capture moments that mean something, that give you a certain kind of feeling. Imperfection is grand and difference is exceptional.
For more information on Jessie Mann Photography please view the online portfolio.

2011 Dates:
March 26, Adamson Engagement
March 27, Dumais Engagement
April 21-May 2, China: Bejing, X’ian, Hong Kong
May 27, Hillmond Grads and Group Photo
Individual Grads (2)
June 4, (3 Grads- Lloyd Comp: Kiara, Bailey, Krista)
June 5, North Battleford
June 7-9, Cunningham and Wilson Families and Grad
June 12, Wright Grad Photos
June 13, Wilford Grad Photos
June 14, Ellison Grad Photos
June 15. Halbach Grad Photos
June 16. Charron Grad Photos
June 18. Patmore Wedding Booked
June 19. (2) Gaboury/Van Metre Grad Photos
June 22. Thomas Grad Photos
June 26. Denney Grad Photos
June 29. HRHS Grad Photo (119 students) 1:00 @ Holy Rosary High School
Monte Gorchinski Grad Photos Individual Grad Photos @11:00
June 22, Thomas/Family Grad Photos, Lloyd
July 2, Ashley Headon Wedding, Lloyd, AB.
July 3, Friendship Photos, Lloyd
Raya Nicodemus Grad
July 14, Maternity Photos Tami Russel and Derek Kappel
July 23, Nuspel Wedding
July 24 to August 5, Italy: Tuscany
August 6, Wedding, Buffalo, AB.
August 8-13, Lac Des Isles, SK.
August 1-7 Unavailable, Buffalo Narrows.
August 13, Wedding Moore, Lloydminster, AB.
August 20, Anderson Wedding, Lloydminster, AB.
September 10, Adamson Wedding, Meadow Lake, SK.
September 11, (North Battleford MASTERS)
September 24, Brown Wedding, St. Walburg, SK.
September 25, (Meadow Lake MASTERS)
October 22, Dumais Wedding, Lloydminster, SK.
October 23, (North Battleford, MASTERS)
November 5/6, (Meadow Lake, MASTERS)
November 12, Ruest Wedding, Lloydminster, AB.
November 19/20, (North Battleford, MASTERS)
December 2011- No photography will be booked in December

January-mid March 2012- No photography will be booked during this time
January 27, Crab Fest
January 28/29, MASTERS North Battleford, SK.
February/March: No photography will be booked during this time: Masters Thesis
February 3/4: Curling Bonspiel
March 17- Lady Antelbellum in Edmonton
March 31/April 1, MASTERS Meadow Lake, SK.
April 6-13, Campbell Wedding, Montego Bay – Jamaica
May 10-11, Wanuskewin/Batoche
May 12 Rookes Wedding -Lloyd
May 14-17 AAWeek
May 25- Bailey Dimmel at 1:00

Hillmond Grad
Callback at 11:30
Donna Baby (Family Photos)

June 7- 3:30 Sydney Clague Graduation and Family Photos
June 12- 3:30 Katie Kardas Graduation and Family Photos
June 16 Sydia Wedding -Lloyd (17.50)
June 17: Babey Grad’s: Taylor and cousin
3:00pm Jalyn Callele-

June Graduates:

Jalyn Calelle, Katie Kardas, Nic Nicodemus, Toni Braun, Lloyd, Sk.
Rauser Grad, Hillmond, SK.
July 7- UNAVAILABLE (Camping- Couples)
July 14- Knoppers and Erin Sunderland, Paradise Valley, Ab.
July 21, Kuzyk Wedding, Lloydminster, SK.
July 28- Edmonton (Barton)?
August 3-4-5-6, Fishing Camp (NORTH)
August 11, Hewitt Wedding -Lloyd
Boudoir Session (V.S.)
(Lexie Sarenco)
(Jamie Heuhnican)
August 18- Lori Craven Ball Tournament
August 25, Kappel Wedding, Saskatoon, SK.
Sept 8, Lindsay Wedding, Lloyd, SK.
Sept. 9 -Allen Family Photos (Bike style!)
Sept 15 UNAVAILABLE (Engagement party)
Sept 22, Pankatrow Wedding, Lloyd, AB.
Sept 29, Gorst Wedding, Meadow Lake, SK.
Sept 30, Jazmyn Wright, Lloydminster, Ab. (GRAD)
October 13, Rachelle and Scott Campbell Wedding, Lloyd, SK.
(Dayna Roach)
(Katie Sunderland)
October 20, Masters Convocation: University of Regina
November 10, Olsen Wedding, Lloyd, SK.
November 17, Smith/Wilcock, Kitscoty, SK.

December 8-10, 2012- Wrangler NFR, Las Vegas, NV.
December 29-January 6, 2013- Nuevo Jalisco, Mexico
January, Lacey Fallis Maternity
January 26-Feb 2- Technology Conference Orlando, Florida
February, Kaila Jutras Maternity
February 9, 2013- Katie Sunderland/fiance Wedding (Paradise Valley, AB.)
Tingleys, Lloyd, Ab.
(First week in May: Ballard/Siklenka Engagement Photos)
Olivers, Paradise Valley/Lone Rock area, AB.MAY

May/June 2013- GRAD CLIENTS (No longer accepting graduate bookings for 2013.)
May 4 LLOYDMINSTER MUCK RUN (Unavailable for photography)
May 11 Bailey Guest at 11:00am
May 11 Kyla Lindsay at 2:00am
May 16, Wolfe Family Photos
May 18-20, (AWAY)
May 22 Jillian and Brandon engagement Photos
May 25- Taken (to be scheduled)
May 26- Taken (to be scheduled)

Weekend, June 1-2, Waskesiu Wedding
Sat. June 8, Taken (scheduled)
Sat. June 9, Taken (scheduled)
Sat. June 15, Tonya Williamson, Meadow Lake, SK.
Sun. June 16, Sam Braun
Sat. June 22, Luke Feist at 10:00am
Sat. June 22, Terri Lynn Croteau
Sat. June 22, Kelsi Moisan
Sat. June 22, Alexa Arenburg
Sat. June 22, Alyssa Dopko
Sat. June 22, Hailey Schneider
Sun. June 23, Zach Almond at 2:00pm
Sun. June 23, Cole Wilson at 7:00pm
Sun. June 23, (to be scheduled)
June 25, 5:00pm. Maydonick Grad (Comp)
Sat. June 29, Taken (scheduled)
Sun. June 30, Taken (scheduled)

Jamie Sunderland (Paradise Valley)
Mitch Marchadour (Hillmond)
Randi Hesketh (Comp)
Sam Braun (Holy) -May (end) 3:30pm

July 6, 2013- Meaghan Hines and Steven Rae, Marwayne, AB.
July 13, 2013- Scott Mathison/Ramona Rochford Wedding, Vermilion, AB.
July 20, 2013- Jillian Teasdale/Brandon Shesnuk Wedding, Paradise Valley, AB.
August 24, Kandace Miller, Lloydminster
September (2nd week)
-Smith Family Photos (4 people)
October 12, Erin/Derek- Lloydminster, AB.

January 1-8, 2014: Dominican Republic, Punta Cana shooting a wedding
January 25-February 1; Orlando Florida (FETC Conference)
March 1; Goo Goo Dolls Concert
March 2-15, Spain, and Morroco; Microsoft Global Forum
April 18-28, 2014: EUROPE (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy)
May 8-9; Presenting at the Canada Connected Conference in Niagara Falls
May 10: Lacey Benson and Jordan Helm
Grad Photos: Blake Scott, Colby Christie, Logan, Jessica Kehler, Cheyenne Zwiefel, Spencer Bossear …etc…
May 17, 2-14; Zombie Run
May 22-23, 2014; Edmonton (Adobe Training)
May 31, 2014; Craig/Robertson Wedding Events
June 6, 2014; Chrissy Simons… Wedding.
June 14, 2014: Jody and Justin Babey.
June 21, 2014: Spencer McDonald, Hillmond, SK.
July 3-7, 2014; Coeur d’alene, Idaho
July 19, 2014: Haley Claire and Brett Heath Wedding, Lloydminster, SK.
July 20-August 1: surgery- office will be closed
August 2, 2014: Katherine Moran and David Wedding
August 9, 2014; CoraLee Wack and Sheldon Schick and Little Fishing Lake
August 16, 2014; Robertson/Craig Wedding
August 20-22, 2014; Canmore/Banff (Adobe Master Training)
August 23, 2014: Shelby Lorinczy and Jayden (Lloydminster)
September 6, 2014: Patty Moffat Wedding, (Lloydminster)
September 13, 2014: Sarah Sawatzky and Josh Gustovson Wedding
September 27, 2014; Kyla Pynten and Nathan Mallet Wedding
October 4, 2014: Dana Craig and Mark Hines, Vermillion Wedding
October 5, 2014; First Annual Boudior Beauty Bash with Chrissy/Becky (7 clients)
October 11, 2014; Sarah Jayne Stoop Wedding, Lloydminster
October 24,25, 2014; Dusty Mann Memorial Game
Sunday, October 26 @ 11:30 (JACKPOT)
November 8-16, 2014; Maui, Hawaii
November 17, 2014; Presenting at ATLE in Edmonton, AB.
November 19-23, 2014; Presenting at _______  in Vancouver, British Columbia
Sunday, November 23 @ 11:30 (JACKPOT)
Sunday, December 7 @ 11:30 (JACKPOT)
December 13, 2014; Edmonton, Amanda Halbach

Grad Photos: Bruneau, Patterson, Lider, Knorr, Walter, Beeching, Sunshine, Dillon, Collins
Sunday, January 11 @ 11:30 (JACKPOT)
January 17-25, 2015; Attending FETC in Orlando, Florida
Sunday, February 22 @ 11:30 (JACKPOT)
February 27-March 4; Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Sunday, March 15 @ 11:30 (JACKPOT)
April 18, 2015; Janay Neufeld and Murray Delorme, Wedding, Lloydminster, SK. (Second shooter yet to be confirmed.)
Sunday, April 26, 11:30 (JACKPOT)
May 6-11, 2015; Presenting at Canada’s Technology Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario
May 22; Stettler Barrel Racing for Buckles event
May 30; June Zweifel and Danny Dodsworth, WEDDING. (D.P. 200)(Second shooter: Becky)
June 4; Convocation: Pharmacy (Stasiuk)
June 6, 2015; Ty Gervais and Decker Currie, Wedding, Lloydminster, SK. (D.P. 150)(Second shooter: Becky)
June 20, 2015; Katherine Hemsworth and Brandon DeBeau, Lloydminster, SK. (D.P. 170)(Second shooter: Becky)
June 27, 2015; Jac Paslawski and Corey Domes Wedding, Lloydminster SK. (D.P. 200)(Second shooter: Becky)
July 11, 2015; Ellen Fritz and David James Watson , Saskatoon, SK. (No D.P.)(Second shooter: Becky)
July 25, 2015; Diedre Humphrey and Colby Mann Wedding, Lloydminster, SK. (No second shooter)
July 27-July 31, 2015; SBRA Finals- Unavailable
August 17-19, 2016 Banff (Awards Ceremony for BP Grant) $10,000
Tuesday, August 18 – 9 a.m. – Conference begins
Wednesday, August 19 – 5:30 p.m. – Celebration & Awards Dinner
Thursday, August 20 – 9 a.m. – Departure
August 22; 2015; Melissa McGee and Josh Butler Wedding, Lloydminster Sk.
Friday of Sept Long; Heather Cornish Anniversary Photos
September 5, 2015; Amanda Carlton and Segan Mansfield (Lloydminster)(Second shooter: Becky) (D.P. 200)
September 19, 2015; Chelsea Groenan and Mark Ortmann Wedding (D.P. 250)(Second shooter: Becky)
September 26, 2015; Mandy Smith and Darren Perks Wedding (D.P. 150)(Second shooter: Becky)
October 3, 2015; Darcy Newstead and Tyler Lowe, Lloyd (D.P. 250)
October 17, 2015; DreamCatcher Conference/Bolt for the Colt
November 7: Longhorn Series Jackpot
November 21: Kelsey Egar and Brendan Scott, Lloydminster (D.P. 180)
November 21: Longhorn Series Jackpot
December 5: Longhorn Series Jackpot
December 12, 2015; Amber Clayton and Andrew Rempel, St. Walburg Wedding (D.P. 225)(Second shooter: ?)
December 19: Longhorn Series Jackpot
December 31: Blair Coolidge and Randi Gordon-Edworthy Wedding

January 2: Longhorn Series Jackpot
January 10-20; Orlando, Florida
January 16: Longhorn Series Jackpot
February 6: Longhorn Series Jackpot
February 20: Longhorn Series Jackpot
March 5: Longhorn Series Jackpot
March 5: Wedding, NB, Borg.
March 27: Longhorn Series Jackpot
March 25-April 4; Europe; Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary

May; Niagara Falls (Can Connect) (May Long)
May 14; Tiffany Robertson and Todd McNaughton (No. D.P.)
May 21, 2016; April Lee and Brett, Lloydminster (200)
May/June: Kendall Hall, Shelby McKenzie, Layne Guest, Maydonick, Braun.
June 4, 2016; Amber Burton and Trent Smith (200)
June 18, 2016; Matt Harasiuk and Tatum Williams, Lloydminster (Second shooter: Becky)
June 25; 2016; Alyssa Quist and Ryley Glessing, Wedding. (200)
July 9, 2016; Shena Garton and Thomas Lees (150)
July 16, 2016; Breanna Tyler and (Maidstone) (No. DP)
August 20, 2016; Ken Smart and Gerren Findlay, Lloydminster/Lone Rock (150)
Sept 3, 2016; Becky Fischer.
Sept 17; Alyssa and Jason Wack (Hillmond) (250)
October 1; Turcotte (360)
October 15; Kristin George (250)
December 31, 2016; Johnson Wedding

February 25, 2017; Langeberg
March 5 – 7, 2017; LEADS Conference in Regina
March 22-24; Social Media Marketing World Convention in San Diego
March 20-April 4: NY
May/June: GRADS: Stewart, Mohr, Guest
May 20, 2017; Jordan Cook and Jaycee Oleksyn (250)
May 27, 2017; Nicole Tilley, Lloydminster (250)
June 17, 2017; Trevor Charron (250)
-Becky Second Shooting
June 24, 2017; Hilsendager (250)
June 25, 2017; San Antonio Texas, ISTE
July 1: SLOT Race
July 8, 2017; Kelly Sinclair and David Wilson; Rolling Greens (250)
-Randi Second Shooting
July 20-30,2016; SBRA
July 26 or 29th 2017 at 6pm Calnash Ponoka THE BREEZE
August 5, 2017; Sarah M and Logan P.
-Randi Second Shooting
August 7-11, 2017, LEADS Conference in Waskesui
August 12, Raiser (FULL)
August 21-27, ABRA
August 23, WEDDING, Lloydminster (Walker)
-No Second Shooter
August 26, WEDDING, Marwayne (Harp) (400DP)
-No Second Shooter
September 2, 2017; Meaghan Negraiff/Kory Thickett, Meadow Lake, (400)
September 8, 2017; Jenn Early/Craig Stevenson
September 16, 2017; Kali Lindsay (EXTENDED)
-Randi Second Shooting
September 23, 2017; Lider Wedding Lloyd (200)

June 2 2018, Sawatsky Wedding (Full)(300)
June 16, 2018, Smith Wedding, Meadow Lake (DP) (Full)
July 7, 2018, Kristen Nicole (3-9pm) (Full)
July 14, 2018, Coghill/Reid Wedding, Lloydminster (DP 400)
July 21st, 2018, Stieb/Cherry Wedding, Lloydminster (NO DP)
July 27, 28, 29, 2018 (NOT AVAILABLE)
August 4, 2018, Kirstyn Dimmel (350) (Full)
August 18, 2018, Muntain (400DP)
September 8, 2018, Zwiefel
October 13, 2018, Wilkinson

July 26, 27, 28, 2019; (NOT AVAILABLE)

July 24, 25, 26, 2020; (NOT AVAILABLE)

July 29, 30, 31; 2021 (NOT AVAILABLE)


3 comments on “Jessie Mann Photography

  1. Katelyn Ward says:

    I would really really love to book with you for our 2015 wedding! We have 2 potential dates that we really hope would work for you!! Tey are July 18 and July 25 2015.

    We are also hoping you could send us some rates and if you have packaging and prices!!
    (You totally did my cousins wedding this past summer – Kandyss)

  2. Kaitlyn Miller says:

    Hi Jessie,
    Just checking if you would be interested in doing mine and Tyler’s wedding photography? Our date is July 23,2016 in Candle Lake Saskatchewan. We love your pictures and would love to have someone we know! Thanks so much.


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