Capturing our Cause

Check out these photos from our special events and activities!
A huge thank you to Alberta Children and Youth Services and the Alberta government for funding our program!

Smile! Tipi raising at LC- Over 150 Grade 7 students from the entire school division hung out with the LC crew and out Dream Catchers!

Look at the size of that tipi at Lakeland College- it stands by the college for the entire year! Wow, talk about embracing multiculturalism. Thank you for our partnership!

Tipi raising at Lakeland College. Thank you to the mentors and people who have worked closely with us over the past 4 years to build a relationship that means the world to us! Thank you Lakeland College!

Wow! Look at all those people! We met so many outstanding individuals and groups! @Dream Catcher conference

Some of the DreamCatcher crew with Dakota House- DreamCatcher mentor!

Dakota House- Dream Catcher mentor (He will be joining us in December again!) We adore you Dakota and thank you.

In Edmonton before the movie at the DreamCatcher conference at Grant McEwan. 

A flurry of students getting cookies from the DreamCatchers and HRHS counsellors in support of anti bullying week.

The cookie cause! Mmmmm

Tin- DreamCatcher Mentor

The DreamCatchers behind the scenes!

Thank you to the HRHS counsellors for all their organizing and allowing us this opportunity to highlight ourselves in front of the entire student body!

The DreamCatchers and counsellors highlighted on the HRHS Facebook Page!

Bec and A chatting over Tims waiting to greet Dakota House. Who doesn’t love Dakota House? Dec. 8

Students spending time with Dakota House on Dec. 8 at Lakeland College. We are so lucky to have such an incredible partnership with Lakeland College! Mr. House was absolutely extraordinary and we are so honoured to have hosted him- he has been a guest we will never forget and are looking forward to having him back.

Mr. A and I with some of the Dream Catchers at Lakeland College with Dakota House. What a Christmas meal we had together as well. Mrs. Young you are the bomb. Mrs. Young and some of our mentors went to work with younger students within our school division after a session with Mr. House.

Congratulations – Josh, Tanner and Abbi on your 2012 Graduation!

Miss Mann with mentor’s Terri and Shelby…

Our lovely grads!

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