2012-2013 School Year



Student Led Schedule

DreamCatcher meetings will be held every other Friday’s at lunch in room 210. Sometimes we will use the whole lunch hour and other days we will need a few minutes.

Thank you to Ryan Zorgdrager for the PHOTOGRAPHY on the following picture.

MISSING: Mrs. Young, Mr Abrosimoff and a few of our special rugrats!

The year is well under way and Holy Rosary High School is proud to boast a one sixth student population of students with Aboriginal descent.

September 4th
Cree class begins (We have more students in Cree class than ever before!)

September 4-7th
30 Aboriginal students have signed up for the DreamCatchers Aboriginal Mentorship Program that occurs during home room period 5 times each month. It is during this time where students work together to form a bond while enhancing cultural awareness and building personal skills.

September 7th – Welcome back meal and mentorship activities
Keshae (Resume building- Job Searching)
Rayna (Portfolio creation- Job Shadow)
Terri/Tin/Rayna (Driving with Toni Clandening)

September 21-
Christian Ethics teams, administration and mentorship staff met to discuss the upcoming dual prayer service to highlight the Aboriginal Mentorship Program

September 21- 3 of our students attended the U of S Career Fair/Tour

You couldn’t keep our students away from the animal health area!

Vernon said:
“Going to the U of S is a great experience every time. It shows the opportunities to see how we could be taught in the future. It shows us a better understanding of what courses that will suit us. Being there shows that if you work hard and never give up… you could be a part of graduation at the U of S.”

Rebecca said:
“Going to the U of S was a new and exciting experience for me. They offer so many classes to further education. It was an amazing opportunity going to the university in general. I enjoyed how they demonstrated what they actually do in each of the classes and tell you about what you’d learn about if you were to go. Awesome.”

Amanda said:
“What a great trip going to the U of S was for us. I got to see the campus and get a feel of university life to see if it was something I want to do after grad. It opened my eyes to see what I could do or get as job choices. I really learned a lot about what I want to do with my life. Thank you so much for the chance. It was an amazing experience.”

September 24th-28
September 24th– Individual student introductions (30 students- 3 staff)

September 25th- Organization and work period on the bookmarks for all students in our school division (over 2000) for the canonization celebration and prayer service on October 22.

September 28th– Students will be introduced to our school counsellors for 45 minutes and complete an empowerment activity as a group of grade 8-12 students. (30 students)

October 5- Cree/DreamCatcher Moose Experience

Talk about experiential learning and mentorship at its finest.

Working- from start to finish!

Science? Mentorship? Cultural Ed? Biology? and BEYOND

October 10 at 10:00am- Lakeland College tipi raising

A few of our mentors and Mrs. Young went over to Lakeland College and bared the freezing cold weather to help 200 elementary students raise the tipi that will stand proud and tall at LC all school year. What a great morning!

October 12, 2012.
Welcome HRHS alumni and DreamCatcher mentor- Josh back for a visit.
Friday, class celebration and SUBWAY in Miss Mann’s room.
Mrs. Young and Miss Mann and over 20 students chowed down on Subway to prepare for upcoming events. Also, so many people have had great attendance- WORTH CELEBRATING.

October 15-19, 2012. (Cookie preparation for 2000 students).

October 16- VERNON gets a job!
Amanda/Rebecca/Keshae all make resumes with Miss Mann and are off to Mr. A.
Amanda- massage therapy

September/October (Senior JV Volleyball)
Cree Student (pictured left) and supported by the DreamCatchers and Aboriginal Mentorship Program

October 17-18
– Countless DreamCatchers took part in CHALLENGE DAYS.

October 20th (Preparations are almost done and school showcases are ready!

Showcases around the school!

October 22nd-
Dual prayer service; (Holy Rosary High School and Father Gorman Community School)
Canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha (The first ever North American First Nations person!)
-HRHS is being filmed for NewCap Television’s Feature (Beyond The Classroom). This will air in November 2012 within our community.

Want to read our prayer service? PRAYER SERVICE PLAN

Moose/Duck/Goose was on the menu for our traditional meal with the drummers and dancers from Kihew Wachiston Cree Immersion, Father Holland from Sacred Heart Parish and Elder Linda Bordeau Semaganis. What an incredible day- Smudged with over 1000 people and 2000 people total celebrated the canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha.

A few of the girls after prepping the gym for the service!
Ken, Jer and Em


-Ahhhhh thank you on behalf of THE DREAMCATCHERS!

We cannot help but announce to the WORLD… how excited we are at how well our event went- WOW!

October 22-26th- RAIDER WEEK

October 23
Shelby, Terri, Keshane, Lane, Tin, Josh, Amanda, Darrion, Vernon are off to the Oil and Gas Discovery Day at Lakeland College. They were gone all day to learn more about the jobs within this industry.
For those not away today: We had celebration COFFEE for the crew today to thank/celebrate everyone for such an incredible day yesterday!

A few of the crew at the Lloydminster Oil and Gas Show- seeing what jobs interest them! Thanks Mr. A for organizing!

Prepping for student led conferences and celebrating today!
Mmmmmmmm Tims!

October 26, 2012
Miss Mann speaks to students at Lakeland College regarding catching YOUR DREAMS and how it can happen.

Grant McEwan Arts School
November 19-23- RAIDER WEEK

Grade 12 mentors working on their marriage/single life projects.
Students work on planning out a life as if they were married or single with children and work through everything from; job applications, housing forms, budgeting, child care costs, vehicle costs, time and money management. These two girls are in Grade 12 and have been mentors for the DreamCatchers for 3 years. Check out our cool Tansi banner in the back of the classroom.

A view of some of the work our Grade 12 students are seeing this semester.
It’s tough stuff planning for the future- but we have each other!

A grade 12 DreamCatchers works with a Grade 8 student again. The two have been working on improving math marks!

Grade 11 boys trying to help each other get caught up in Christian Ethics.

End of November:
Football Awards (Congratulations to Duncan, Most Valuable Defensive Player

Duncan. MVDP

Duncan. MVDP

Christmas Activities

December 10-14th- RAIDER WEEK

January 14-18th- RAIDER WEEK
That is it… that is all. Another awesome semester has passed.

February 19-22 Elder Evelyn Kadachuk will be in the division traveling to different schools
February 25- March 1st- RAIDER WEEK

Early March:
Resume building and job preparation:
Jerika, Kendra, Cheyenne, Theresa

March 15- Nathaniel Arcand will come and spend the day with students.
(This will occur in partnership with Lakeland College.)


March 18-22th- RAIDER WEEK
More students prepared to take the Saskatchewan Young Workers Readiness Certificate.

March 23 (Shelby Gadwa receives FIRST AID training for College next year.
Her final test mark revealed a mark better than some of the teachers who also took the training… Shelby was pretty excited!)
Shelby continues to work at Sobeys and has helped many DreamCatcher menthes get jobs there as well.)

April 15-19th- RAIDER WEEK

May 13-17th Aboriginal Awareness Week
Jeff and Kathleen Coleclough will be back for the 5th year and will be meeting with Elementary Schools
May 13-17th- RAIDER WEEK

June 6-7- CANOE TRIP
June 10-14th- RAIDER WEEK

2011-2012 School Year: Information is found below:
ONGOING everyday in period 1:
Cynthia Young and Jessie Mann
Cree mentorship ongoing: Period 1 in Room 210
Shelby (mentor): Theresa and Phoenix
Rayna (mentor): Tyrin and Darrion
Amanda (mentor): John and David
Josh (mentor): Rebecca and Duncan
Tutorial is ongoing as well at lunchtime.

Friday- September 23, 2011
Last week in Sept: Thank you to Lakeland for inviting all The DreamCatchers and over 80 Grade 7 students! Thank you for highlighting us and our program. To all you future Holy Rosary Raiders and Dream Catchers we look forward to seeing you again!
 Thursday- October 6, 2011 (Meeting)

Friday-  October 14, 2011 (Meeting)

Friday- October 14-15, 2011 (DreamCatcher conference)
Highlights included: Great self esteem program!
It was an energizing weekend!
We so enjoyed Dakota House (joining us a mentor in December)
See below for pictures! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011 (Lakeland College (1017) with Elder Linda B.S.) 9:30-12

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Anti Bullying Week at HRHS
Dream Catchers will be handing out free cookies to the entire student body at the Raider Time break.
(Thank you to our counsellors for organizing this!)
DreamCatchers will be meeting for lunch Saskatchewan Multicultural Week and to continue producing our informational videos to the students/staff and Lloydminster community.
The Dream Catchers have arranged announcements for the entire student body. (685 students/staff/personnel)
Here are the announcements. (Thank you for the Saskatchewan Multicultural organization for their support with the Dream Catchers!

Tuesday, November 24, 2011 (Lakeland College (2014) with Brent Dillon) 9:30-12
(Mentorship with Margo Hines tourism crew.)
In attendance: Tinisha, Theresa, Owen, Taylor, Cheyenne, Jerika, Coral. Nicole, Rebecca, Josh. Darrion, David, Shelby, Kashtin, Aaron.
What an outstanding morning!

Wednesday, December 8, 2011 (Lakeland College (2014) with Elder Linda B.S.)
(Welcome Melanie Lukevich and Mr. Kusch)
-video unveiling again
-Christmas dinner
-Welcome Dakota House from North of 60 (Miss Mann thinks he extra ROCKS! We are all so excited

January, 2012
Well it is 2012.
Students were busy receiving tutoring and diligently working to finish up assignments and write finals.
Pictures and videos to be posted soon. We will continue to work with students one on one as well to ensure second semester starts for students on a positive note.

February 7, 2012
Lunch meeting and planning to go to Wanuskewin, SK.
Our field trip request went through and 30 of us will be heading there May 10 and 11 with mentors to sleep overnight in tipi’s. WE CANNOT WAIT!

February 21-24, 2012
Elder Evelyn Kadachuk will be joining The Dream Catchers for an ENTIRE WEEK.
Welcoming her back is an honour.
February 21: HRHS (Lunch and Video Creation at noon.)
February 22: Father Gorman School
February 23: St. Thomas School
February 24: St. Mary’s School (Bannock and Soup, served by the Dream Catchers)

Information pamphlet on #weshine

The profound impacts and history of First Nations children who attended the Indian Residential Schools will be shared.
March 15 (all day)
Intergenerational Impacts of Indian Residential Schools Conference in Onion Lake, SK.
Mentorship Staff and 5 HRHS Mentors/DreamCatchers will attend.
Pipe ceremony (8 am)
Opening Prayer Song
Opening Remarks
Dinner Theatre
Much Music Dance
End of Day (9pm)

March 16 (all day)
Intergenerational Impacts of Indian Residential Schools Conference in Onion Lake, SK.
Mentorship Staff and 5 HRHS Mentors/DreamCatchers will attend.
Video conference
Youth Feedback
Youth Assembly Review
Topic Discussions
Topic Discussions
Acknowledgements and Closing Prayer (4 pm)
Watch for our information video coming as a result of this conference.

March 21,
Big Thank you to Mentor and DreamCatcher Rayna Martens who begins tomorrow- traveling to elementary schools to mentor two young girls. What an awesome mutual opportunity. Rayna- You rock!

March 26, (Father Gorman Community School)
Tree boy- tribute to our mentor and friend Gordon Tootoosis.

March 29 (Period 2)
Miss Mann, Maria and Michelle
Mrs. Young & Chelsey Ault:
-personal confidence
(You will receive a personal journal and t shirt if you do not have a DreamCatchers shirt yet.)

April 19 (Period 1)

(Wear your shirt!)
Miss Mann, Maria and Michelle
Mrs. Young & Chelsey Ault:
Chelsey Ault:
(You will receive a little gift- surprise.)

April 26, 2012
Peter Rattlesnake (Former Gang member speaking about positive choices.)
(Boys only)

May 3, 2012 (Early bird and into Period 1)
Mini Makeovers
(Wear your shirt!)
Miss Mann, Maria and Michelle
-beauty and hair tips

May 10/11, 2012
Overnight stay at Wanuskewin and tour of the U of S.

Annual Raffle Planning for Aboriginal Awareness Week is happening right now:

Display cases were put up at HRHS on March 21, 2012- Time to get ready!

May 13 -Bannock Bake Out at HRHS for the week!
May  14-18, 2012
Aboriginal Awareness Week
We look forward to all the familiar faces and students we worked with last year.
Mentorship at it’s finest!

June 12, 2012 (LUNCH)
(Wear your shirt!)
Miss Mann, Maria and Michelle
Mrs. Young & Mr. Abrosimoff
Skills for Summer:
-acing your exams
-getting that job you want

June 14, 2012 Commons or Room 205
Celebration Gala and Festivities
Chelsey Ault, Maria/Michelle, Miss Mann/Mrs. Young
Mr. A (Elders) and other mentors will be in attendance.

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