HRHS Dream ‘Catchers’

This is the new webpage for the Holy Rosary Dream Catchers!

A huge thank you to Alberta Children and Youth Services and the Alberta government for funding our program!

DreamCatchersLogoAs “Dream Catchers” we are committed to honouring our personal and individual culture. We strive together to create awareness of Aboriginal traditions and customs while focusing on academic and personal growth while working together in a variety of different ways. We foster mentorship through staff and adult, peer and one-on-one mentoring. Together we attend conferences, job readiness work shops, and take part in History, Native Studies and Treaty education classes and programs. We organize cultural events within our school for the entire student body and are dedicated to learning as much as we can about the First Nations people that helped to found this country.

For contact through text messaging or calls please use the following numbers anytime:
Miss Mann: 1.780.872.8201
Mrs. Young: 1.780.872.9482
Mr. Abrosimoff: 1.780.808.6011

WELCOME BACK DREAM CATCHERS! This is our 7th year.

“If you are interested in celebrating your culture and becoming a mentor, member of the Dream Catchers or are interested in particular events or supports please feel free to drop into Room 210 and talk to Miss Mann ANYTIME!, or stop by the Work Experience office to speak to Mr. A, and Mrs Young is always available as well. We welcome new people anytime and would love for you to be involved in some of the awesome stuff we do. We are proud of what we do and who we are.”

Well well well, what a year we have in store for us!

Mr. A, Mrs. Young and I, Miss Mann have so many ideas for the Dream Catchers and Aboriginal themed classes its crazy. Look below to see what will be taking place this year.

“With the help of Lakeland College, the Holy Rosary Dream Catchers Mentorship program will hold information sessions for students that help to not only assist them in getting the job they want but keeping the job and being successful. Each session is taught by people close to the program that have become mentors or are interested in being involved. Each session will teach students the skills they need, both in and outside the work place, to succeed within a demanding job market. Other dates and events have been listed that correspond with job readiness training and post secondary education awareness events that will be fostered through Holy Rosary High School.”

For more information from the past, check out one of our sub pages.

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