The Mustard Seed

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 9.22.01 PMFor the Mustard Seed official website click here.

You will be given 10 minutes to go and record your general thoughts on the homeless.
How many people do you think are homeless in Edmonton?
What are the stereotypes surrounding the homeless?
Who is in charge of helping the homeless?
What ways do you think you can really help those in need?
What do you think is a homeless shelters greatest need?
What are your specific beliefs about Nature vs. Nurture.

Video Collection:
As a team (in groups of 4 students) you will be asked to come up with a video collection for the Mustard Seed. The best video will be chosen as a tool for the organization to use on their websites. You will work as a team to make 1 overall informational video and 1 short creative PSA style.

Your complete assignment(s) can be found here:
GENERAL-Social Studies 20 Population Assignment:ReDesigning
SPECIFIC-Social Studies 20 Shelter Assignment

RUBRIC for both videos

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