Social Studies 20

From the Saskatchewan Curriculum

Love Hate and Propaganda

Globalization and Population

The Struggle of the Lubicon 1
The Struggle of the Lubicon 2

David Suzuki- Forces of Nature

The United Nations Official Website  (It’s Your World!)

The History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
“I Have a Dream” -student prompts handout


Felix Opatowski:
Helena Jockel:

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Discovering NATO (For students.)
On a Word Press blog post (be sure to also put a link directly on your Social Studies page) answer the following questions as you: Discover NATO!
What is NATO?
What two words define it’s mission?
What does NATO believe politically?
What does NATO believe in terms of military?
What is Article 5?
How many partners are in NATO?
What is the transatlantic link?
What are the means to respond to threats?

United Nations

1. Who is often the first on the ground when disaster strikes?
The United Nations often deals in providing clean water, vaccinating children and aiding farmers- among many other things.
2. How did the United Nations begin?
Name some of the area the United Nations ‘keeps the peace’.
3. How many child soldiers are in the world? approx…
4. How do they sustain peace?
5. What are the millennium development goals?
6. When is the target year?
7. Today mor ethan ever the world needs United Nations.
-the consequences of a planet in peril
8. What is the UN doing about climate change?
9. What is the UN all about?

CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern Day Slavery

Chose an event in the world in the last year where a country has broken NATO treaty or involved the United Nations.
Hint if you are stuck: Africa
Add this into your post.
Who, What, Where, Why, When.

Preparation for Violence and Non-Violence Video Conference from the Middle East
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

The Modern Middle East (rap)- by Flocabulary

You are to use each of the terms below and make a matching test out of them.
Create a table with two columns and two rows.
Label the first column (TERMINOLOGY) Label the second column (DEFINITION).
Read all the terms and definitions and put them in your own words.


World Map of Useless Stereotype (Click HERE)

See link for complete version.

See link for complete version.

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