Photography 20

Photography 20 Saskatchewan Curriculum

Philosophy and Rationale
Every day people are bombarded by photographic images. A better understanding of the skills and equipment used to create images can enrich the lives of students. Students enrolled will have the opportunity to learn about the evolution of photography from pin hole to digital cameras, experiment with equipment and develop a critical awareness of good photographic techniques. The field of photography can lead to a variety of employment opportunities and to a very satisfying personal interest. The aim of the Photography 20 is to provide students with opportunities to acquire knowledge and develop skills used in the photography and graphic arts industries and to become familiar with career opportunities in these industries. (Taken from the Government of Saskatchewan Website)

The themes/genres/skills you are responsible to ensure you cover throughout the course of the semester;
Due during final exam week are:
(There are 35 images that you will be marked on for your final. 20 of them must be edited in some way.)
Not all these images have to be taken in school or during the semester and can be selected from any time in your life as long as you were the primary photographer. Each photo must be TITLED.)
*No more that 50% of your photos can be taken before the semester began.
These are to be on a WordPress page.
For idea or support you can view this LINK:
1. Self Portrait (Which we will take with Nicole Noyce.) 
2. Love
3. Hate
4. Strength
5. Despair
6. Inner Strength
7. Rule of Thirds
8. Framing
9. Leading Lines
10. Funny
11. Fun in the Sun and/or Landscape
12. Vintage
13. Action 
14. Black and White
15. Saturation (rich colour)
16. Contrast (sharpness)
17. Horror
18. Diversity
19. Abstract
20. Delicate
21. Green with Envy 
22. Technology
23. Sharing
24. Natural
25. Unnatural
26. Winter Wonderland
27. Education
28. #1
29. Go Green
30. Human Rights
31. Ghostly or Zombies
32. Abandonment
33. Clouds
34. Water
35. Frozen
36. Street Photography 
37. Mothers and/or Fathers
38. Death 
39. Freckles 
40. Teenagers Today

Photography Kick Start
Introductory Quiz

Assignments and Documents that Matter
Photo of the Day (and Consent Form)
First Day Photo Competition
WORMS EYE VIEW (September 1, 2011)
Photography 20 Grading Rubric (Work in progress)
Camera Simulator Assignment (Use the link below to complete this assignment)
The Digital Single Lens Reflex- EXPLAINED! 
 (This is an outstanding online program to help students and beyond learn more about the DSLR camera. Complete with simulator and explicit directions/examples and more… it is sure to help you understand all those functions on your favourite new toy!)
Glamour Portrait Retouching 

Shutter Speed:


Mini Aperture Photography Quiz

Halloween Howler Photography Scavenger Hunt

Photography Scavenger Hunt Quiz

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  1. bossaer says:

    Introduction to Photo 20 Quiz: 25/32, 78%, Grade C.

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