Diversity? Racism? -in media

How the ‘media’ often portrays race can be discriminatory with even the best of intentions.

Mass Media and Racism: Yale University Stephen Balkaran

Bell Work:
Open up your WordPress.
Type a quick response to the following:
(You may also want to add this to your Media Studies 20 page.)
What do you think about the following quote? Do you like or dislike? Agree or disagree? Explain in detail with references from outside sources.
The hand that rules the press, the radio, the screen and the far-spread magazine, rules the country. (The previous quote is by Learned Hand.)
Write your post NOW.
Class material:
Diversity in the Media (LINK)

Discrimination in Disney?
Let’s discuss:

Dispelling Stereotypes:
I Am Canadian

I Am Muslim


Thank you to: http://disneyandmovies.pbworks.com/w/page/17905683/FrontPage

Media sources like television and movies influence the way individuals behave and perceive society. In particular, children have become one of the most targeted groups in marketing, television programming, and movies. As a result, children learn from what the media presents to them. In American/Canadian society, one of the most known sources of media is Disney and its movies. In our collaborative project, we will conduct research on how Disney movies have influenced the way children perceive whiteness and racism. Each group member will select one Disney movie and do an in-depth study on its portrayal of whiteness and minorities.

Additionally, every group member will provide a brief summary of the film and she will identify portrayals of stereotypes and class hierarchical structures.  We will concentrate on racist depiction of characters, caricatures, whiteness, and racist dialogues. We will also pay close attention to the musical productions and lyrics of the songs in search of any subtly racial implications. We realize that the films have undergone editing over time, so we will research any editing done pertaining to race. Lastly, we will consider and give accounts on how these movies have influenced our perceptions and how its ramifications may be still be part of our daily lives. It will also be an essential part of our project to consider how we can change this trend to educate children on anti-racist practices and fairness among different groups.

You will create a CHART as described above to NOTICE diversity and difference within the media. How is it portrayed?
You will have to watch a Disney movie.
You will create any form of multimedia that shows you understand and can answer the following questions: (This will go on its very own WordPress page on your BLOGS!)
This (both Assignments) will be DUE ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!
What is acceptable? What isn’t acceptable?
Which quotes and images are correct? Which are not?
How does this make you feel?
Do you think this has an effect on children? Explain?
Aside from that:
What does this movie say about gender? money? wealth?
How do people dress?
What are some good values it portrays to viewers?
Where does this movie hit the mark?
Where does this movie fall short?

Approved movies:
Peter Pan
The Lion King
The Jungle Book
Oliver and Company
Lady and The Tramp
(If there is another Disney film you would like me to consider, please ask.)

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