Advertising Campaign

Advertising Campaign Assignment

On your own or in a group of 3 or less, you will be creating an advertising campaign for the ANY product you wish. It can be a product already on the market or one you have made up. If you chose to market one that is already present- you must re-invent it. 

The full report will be due the first week in December. Keep in mind that you will have several assignments from other courses due at the same time. Plan accordingly.

I suggest you read this whole assignment before you start. There is specific information you need to determine. Make sure each group member understands their role and expectations. Expect to spend 5-10 hours on this assignment and keep in mind the limited availability of the HD camera, PAA labs (if you want final cut pro) and so on.

You have recently completed a Public Service Announcement to sell a THOUGHT.
Not it is time to dive in and see what it is like to sell a PRODUCT.

Your ad campaigns will be judged not only by myself but by other teachers/admin on staff. Your entire campaign will be put on a WordPress page and also presented to the class.

*Learn everything you can about your product! EVERYTHING. If it is food; eat it. If it is clothing; wear it. Get to know and love what you are selling. This will give you the edge.

What is a target audience? What does this term mean and how does it impact your work?
Media strategy—Where will the ads run? What magazines, TV shows, radio, websites, billboards, or unconventional media will you use?

Develop general advertising campaign objectives for the product:
a) Introduce
b) Persuade
c) Inform
d) Convince
e) Repeat Purchase

Come up with a THEME for your campaign:
Produce photographic, radio and TV advertising concepts

Photographic/Magazine Ad
(3 crisp clean images that follow the same theme) -Each must have elements and improvements within PHOTOSHOP
Radio (15 seconds: aligns with theme)
TV ad OR song/rap (1 minute in length)

How much money do you make a year?
What are your costs in making this item?
Also, be sure to outline the cost of your advertising campaign.

Exciting and unique presentation manner. “THE PITCH”.
Think of it like DRAGON’s DEN.
You are in charge of SELLING your ad campaign to the company so you can get PAID!

Include a self-evaluation sheet for the group.


Brainstorming Ideas

  • Think like an inventor and think about solutions for the things that cause you problems on a daily basis. (For example: Drool catcher, Bed hair, Toe jam, Acne, etc.)
  • Think about your favorite products and how they can be made better
  • Think of your target audience (consumers)
  • How would you present your product?
  • What would it be made out of?
  • Who and how would they benefit from your product?


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