2015 Day 1

Hey new SGMS crew! You are the fourth round of this program and it is going to be the best year yet!
I am so excited to work with you this semester.
We have many things to get through today being that we are preparing you for a virtually paperless class. Many field trips are already organized and there are dates I want to share with you as well.
First things first- say hello to YOUR MacBook Pro! It is yours to use and make your own for the entire semester!
(Don’t worry you will have lots of time to get to know him/her later this morning!)

1) First things first please pull out your cell phone. (I encourage your parents to do this as well.)

Get yourself signed up for Remind... This is a necessity for field trips, important dates and all other reminders.

Get yourself signed up for Remind… This is a necessity for field trips, important dates and all other reminders.

2) Now, please download the SCAN app to your phone if possible. It’s FREE!
We will use this today and throughout the school year;
(I would like to begin by reviewing the course outlines using this app.)

Download the scan app. Then use the scan app to access all the course outlines for the semester.

Download the scan app. Then use the scan app to access all the course outlines for the semester. We will go through them together. This will be the most tedious portion of the day.

After you have the scan app; scan the following QR code. (We will need this throughout the semester.)
If not you can view through the scan app try this LINK
Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 4.44.43 PM3) Now I would like to show you something;

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 4.11.10 PM
4) Media Studies: Coca-a-Cola Taste test.
Communication is closely tied to culture. Although we are not always aware of it, the mass media have a very strong influence in our lives. They present images of the world’s problems, of the latest environmental disaster, of the most recent news events, and of the must-have products promoted by advertisers. These images also portray particular lifestyles and encourage us to develop expectations for ourselves and those around us.
Learning Targets:
I can define mass media.
I can identify 10 different forms of media influences.
I can graph and interpret data.
I can understand how the media influences my likes/dislikes.
I can understand how the media impacts what I think about certain topics.
I can understand how the media can ‘change the way people think’.

What is mass media? Click the link: HERE
Use the padlet and respond.

Let’s keep this in mind as we move into the TASTE-TEST.

Do name brands matter?

Do name brands matter?

5) Complete the taste test and then click the link to respond: HERE

6) Important dates for you to write down and remember:
(YES we have nearly 10 field trips!)
February (TBA) NewCap Television Field Trip
February 18th Nicole Noyce Field Trip
February 21 TEDx YOUTH Live Stream
February 26th Photography FIeld Trip
February 27th Miss Mann is away
March 5th Conflict in the Middle East VC Part I
March 21st Conflict in the Middle East VC Part II
April 2nd Photography Field Trip
April 16th Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women VC
April 23rd or 24th (TBA) Pixel Blue and (possibly Global Edmonton) Edmonton, Alberta
April 27th or 28th Miss Mann is away
May 1st Miss Mann is away
May 7th and 8th Miss Mann is away
May 15th Photography Field Trip
May 26 Border City Petting Zoo Field Trip
June 12 Photography Field Trip

7) Sign up for TWITTER!
Follow me; I will follow you.



You will need this for a few assignments throughout the school year. Please make sure you create a professional account if you would like to keep your personal/professional lives separate. We will especially need it when Tweeting with Holocaust Survivor(s). Also* ensure that you like Uncovered Humanity on Facebook.
8) Social Studies: Week in Rap…
Learning Targets: (1.4/1.5/1.8a/1.41a/1.38/2.1c/2.21/2.22/3.2a/3.2b/3.13/4.0/4.3/4.27 and beyond…)
The learning targets will change as per the current events change.

What in the world is going on?

What in the world is going on? Every Friday we will view the Week in Rap.

9) English: Poetry Analysis
I can identify and define the elements of poetry.
I can define and create examples of figurative language.
I can complete a poetry analysis through class participation.

Please go to kahoot.it

Please go to kahoot.it

Enter this pin in kahoot.it GET READY!

Enter this pin in kahoot.it GET READY!

10) Please fill out the ABOUT YOU form;
Click HERE

11) Paperwork; THESE MUST COME BACK MONDAY to be allowed to take your computer home on Monday.
*2 down… not for 2 years

12) WordPress; Blog
Go to wordpress.com and create yourself an account. (This MUST be professional and simple.)
This will be your ‘binder’ for the year. All your completed work will be highlighted on this blog/website/WP.

You will make one page and call it; School of Global Media Studies
Then you will have sub pages;
-English 20
-Social Studies 20
-Photography 20
-Media Studies 20
Your homework is to complete the following responses answering the following questions about “Cats in the Cradle.”

Did you know that today we talked about or used nearly 10 technology tools!? 
Twitter, Kahoot, Facebook, WordPress, Google Forms, YouTube, The Week in Rap, Padlet, Scan and Remind
Monday we will begin with Plickers and Today’s Meet as we dive into all 4 subjects! Don’t forget your paperwork.

-Begin thinking about what you want to do for a final media studies project!
-Consider taking an image of a friend for the upcoming Uncovered Humanity project.
-Complete your “Cat’s in the Cradle” analysis assignment

Here is my contact information if you ever need to reach me.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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