I Am Hutterite

This is the page where you will find all you need for the non fiction book, I Am Hutterite by Mary Ann Kirkby.
We will be holding a video conference on October 2 with Ms. Kirkby and are taking an education experience out at the O.B. Hutterite Colony by Marwayne, Ab. on October 4th. Experiential learning to the max in English this year. We are bringing out novel into the sights, sounds and smells!
I hope we get pie! WAIT- WE WILL GET PIE!

‘I Am Hutterite’ Student Booklet

Interesting details:
ARTICLE from the Daily Herald
-Took her 7 years to write.
-She has 6 siblings (one passed away).
-Difficult for her parents and family to open up and share their story so she would be able to write her story.
-She has a son named Levi
-She is married to Gordon Kirkby (former mayor of Prince Albert).

The following is from the Prince Albert Daily Herald, June 7, 2007
“She first had the urge to tell her story when, as a reporter for CTV in Prince Albert, she was following then-mayor Gordon Kirkby. After he became mayor he started to tackle race relations in the city, which in the late 1980s was a problem. The city made headlines as the most racist city in Canada, she says.

“It was so politically daring, he (Gordon Kirkby) would make comments like – as a community we (should) all feel a sense of pride in our culture and take our rightful place in the community,” Kirkby recalls. “I sat that there with my pen and paper and I thought, ‘I am pretending to be an English person. I am not proud of my Hutterite culture.’ It just really affected me.”

Although she did not think of a book right away, she knew she had some work to do on herself. She also knew that she had a very special story to tell. For many years she felt pressure to not reveal her cultural background. She had to examine why she hid her background and why other people’s perceptions of the culture made her lose a sense of pride in being a Hutterite.

As far as Kirkby knows, it is the first book of its kind. The non-fiction book, in addition to telling her parents story, is a first-hand account of Kirkby’s life in the Fairholme Colony.

“It is the first book that takes you inside, tells you what life is really like and breaks down the stereotypes,” she says.”

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  1. “I hope we get pie!”…You just can’t stop about getting pie!

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