English 20

I want to thank Jolene Strueby of Regina, SK. for her help and guidance with English 20, as well as Becky Grassl, Haley Heath and Michelle Mercredi with the LCSD. The following documents are from English teachers throughout the LRCSSD #89  and taken from  collaborative educators. Other documents are poems and short stories written by talented authors all over the world. *All books have been purchased and are only on this page for use in HRHS.

Senior L to J Terminology
HRHS Style Sheet (MLA)
ELA20FINAL review2013

Poetic Devices Worksheet
Representing and Viewing Project
Viewing Assessment
Poetry Handout and Poetic Devices
Song Elements Handout
Poetry Analysis – Intrepreting a Poem

Keeper’n Me

Breaking The Ice

Private Talk with Holly
Cages Questions
Elements of a Short Story
Inside a Short Story
Short Stories Lesson – Recollections
Short Story Assignment & Evaluation

Choral Reading Example
Half Husky
Half Husky Mini Exam by Margaret Laurence

Child in the Dancing Moon
Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke
To a Child Dancing in the Wind by Robert Currie
Beneath the Frozen Moon by W.B. Yeets
I Grew Up by Lenore Keeshig-Tobias
How to be Old by May Swenson
Who’s Afraid of the Wicked Witch
Various Fairytales
Penny in the Dust
My Stepmother, Myself
“Green Grass, Running Water”
Daddy Track
Cats In The Cradle
The Centaur
The Piano

Shmoop  (Shmoop is an excellent guide for English teachers/students.)

Lyric/Poetry Analysis  (We use Adelle’s song Rumor Has It and the poem My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke to learn more about the elements within literary works. Great to use to teach/learn: speaker, subject, mood, tons, form, theme and identify imagery. This supports the Saskatchewan English 20 curriculum.)
Poetry Analysis of Warren Pryor- Independent Assignment (This link is a complete poetry analysis assignment that students complete and submit independently.)
Choral Reading Assignment (This is a complete choral reading assignment for use in the Recollections poetry unit.)
Poems to select for this assignment:
All readings will take place on Friday PM after lunch (September 23)
War Is Kind by Stephen Crane (Group 1)
***Delaine, Clay and Mike (Reading 2nd)
Maggie and Milly and Molly and May by Edward Estlin Cummings (Group 2)
***Brodie, Alyssa, Rayna, Luke (Reading 4th)
As You Like It by William Shakespeare (Group 3)
***Riley, Troy and Zach
Green Rain by Mary Webb (Group 4)
***Ty, Jessie, Mikayla and Daria
On Children by Kahlil Gibran (Group 5)
***Kelsey, Becci and Sam (Reading last)
The Circle Game by Margaret Atwood (Group 5)
Piano by D. H. Lawrence (Group 6)
***Hannah, Bailey and Joey (Reading 4th)

Poetry and Song (they go together like milk and cereal!)
Independent Novel Project (This link is a comprehensive novel study and project. Due dates included)
STAND BY ME (Stand By Me Movie Questions and Reflective Essay Introduction)
Transition Words and Phrases
Self Assessment Guide
Peer Response Guide
Reflective Essay Rubric
Anecdotal Assignment
You’re An Author (This is a comprehensive assignment integrating all curriculums within SGMS.)
Exemplar for “You’re an Author” -Thanks DigiTales
Exemplar for “You’re An Author”-Thanks DigiTales
HRHS Style Sheet (MLA)


Engaging Resources
Taylor Mali Poem

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