Unit 2

Unit 2 – Diversity of LIfe

Learning Targets

1. Magnification – Make sure you have submitted your microscopic drawings with magnification calculated in the center at the bottom.  (Magnification and Microscope Notes)

2. Five Kingdoms (Notebook file emailed to students)

Brainpops: 6 Kingdoms (completed as a class)

3. Classification/Dichotomous Key (3 Notebook files emailed to students)

Quis on everything mentioned above on Tues. Oct 5th in P4.

Classification Assignment (Emailed to students)

Brainpops: Classification

Review SR Quiz

4. Bacteria

a. Bacteria questions

b. Understanding Bacteria Video (Discovery Education – see Ms. Barton for password information if you need to watch the video outside of school).

c. Brainpops: Bacteria, Antibiotic Resistance (completed as a class)

Bacteria Quiz

4. Protist

a. Protist Notes – emailed to students

b. Brainpops: Protista, Protozoa

5. Fungi

a. Fungi notes (emailed notes to students)

b. Fungi and Protist SR Quiz

6. Unit 2 Review

Exam: WednesdayOct 19

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