Biology 20

This course will be mainly taught by Mrs. Susan Barton.

Course Outline

Unit 1 – Introduction to biology

1. Ologies (LT: I will understand the different areas of biology)

– Assignmnet: definitions of ologies (list of ologies)

– Assignment: current event ologies project evaluation

– ologies quiz

2. Scientific Method (LT: I will understand the scientific method and how it applies to my everyday life)

– What is the scientific method? Scientific Method Notes

– Create your own scientific method example in prezi (Scientific Method2– evaluation)

– Scientific Method Google Forms Assignment (September 2, 2011)

3. The cell (Day 1: LT: I will understand the cell theory Day 2: LT: I will understand the function of all the cell organelles.)

– intoduction to the cell (student created notes in word/notebook)

Organelle table

Organelle assignments

The Cell Debate

– Cell Quiz: Wednesday September 14th

-Brainpop quizzes that are emailed to Cells, Cell Structures, Cell Specialization

4. Evolution

– link to Daily Planet:

Evolution Assignment

Evolution Notes

– Brainpop quizzes that are emailed to Charles Darwin, Natural Selection

5. Viruses

– Student created notes on viruses (notebook file was emailed)

– Brainpop quizzes to be submitted to (see notebook file for brainpops to be completed)

– Discovering Viruses Video (see Ms. Barton for log in information) Discovering Viruses Video student questions

6. Microscopes

– Microscope Notes + Brainpop emailed to sbarton: microscopes

– Using the microscope lab

– Magnification (will NOT be on Unit 1 Exam, will be reviewed in Unit 2 and on the Unit 2 exam)

– Wet Mount Slide

– Visit to the college (first week in December)

7. Exam Review

8. Exam – Tuesday September 27th P2

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