School of Global Media Studies 20

Welcome to the home of news as it relates to the new… School of Global Media Studies. School of Global Media-HandOut Here is the Global Media Studies crew and a quick picture of what we will be using on our first day of school. No more binders, pens and pencils- Hello MacBook Pro, HD Mini Flip Video Camera and Hurley backpack! Background The Lloydminster Roman Catholic Separate School Division and Holy Rosary High School are currently supporting a new technological initiative and modern approach to education with the creation of The School of Global Media Studies. I have been given the opportunity to develop and coordinate the program. Each semester 22 students are given a MacBook Pro laptop and High Definition Mini Flip video camera to use as they complete 20 level course requirements in English, Biology, Media Studies, Photography and Social Studies 20. Students will not use binders, the bell schedule will not apply and there will be a large experiential and inquiry based component each day. Programs that embrace video creation, blogging, website design, photography, advertising, graphic design will take the place of traditional assessments, as students prove and share their learning using cutting edge technologies. Students will be taught digital awareness while highlighting their learning and personal skills on personal websites for future employers and post secondary institutions. Mind Share Learning Contest Entry, 2011. (Program Information Video.) Video by: Troy, Zach, Riley, Shawn and Mike. Course Outline-STUDENT New Cap News Spend a Day A SGMS student making it happen with the Video Newsletter kickoff! Anti Drug and Alcohol Contest and Campaign

New Cap News Introductory Video The Lloydminster Source Published on June 23, 2011 By Katie Ryan A new program at Holy Rosary High School will see students learn with tools beyond the typical paper and pen. There will be no binders and no bell schedule for students in enrolled in the new School of Global Media Studies program at the high school next year. This new initiative will begin in the fall, when 22 Grade 11 students will use new MacBook Pro computers and mini flip video cameras, as well as other technology, for the duration of the semester as they learn from this modern approach to formal education. “Videos, blogging, web design, photography, graphic design and so much more will take the place of what students are used to,” said HRHS teacher Jessie Mann, who along with teacher and technology co-ordinator Susan Barton, will be overseeing the program. “We will have more field trips and students will be involved in mentoring partnerships with professionals in the community. Making education more experiential is a huge focus of the School of Global Media Studies. We want students to hear, taste, see, feel and smell the outcomes within our curriculums.” Students will receive credits in English, biology, social studies, media studies and photography as they learn and create projects integrating cutting-edge technology. As well students will take a math course to fulfil course requirements. Throughout the new program, students will create an individual online portfolio or website to display and showcase their work. Many of their videos and creations will be viewed by the surrounding community, said Mann. “Google is the new resume. Employers, post-secondary institutions and every day people use Google every hour all around the world to scout potential,” she said. “It has become crucial to ensure that people have a positive digital footprint available on the web. Students will develop skills in speaking, various forms of writing, photography, graphic design, video editing, advertising, all while gaining a sound understanding of the subject material.  Students will then be expected to use technology to document, share and prove their learning in return. “Including the technology into the classroom with this model just takes learning that extra step.” The new program is the brainchild of Continued on Page A11 the Lloydminster Catholic School Division’s superintendent, said Mann, who’s excited to work with students next semester, including Joey Hurley. “(Global Media Studies) allows youth to explore and understand school through a creative, technological way. It allows us to prepare for the future by creating a digital profile, since almost all people are on a computer or are using a technological device,” he said. “I was in a similar program in Grade 9 in Cold Lake. We were given Macs and the ability to use them to better further our education. This is a step beyond that.” Deona Jens Pelagio said she enrolled in the new program with an eye to the future, as she is planning to work in communications after she graduates. “I think that learning about technology is important because it is critical to our everyday lives, especially for the current generation,” she said. “Technology also has both advantages and disadvantages, so, I think that learning about it will help us know how to use it more wisely and effectively.” By offering an experiential learning program, students will be work with Lakeland College, visit the University of Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as local media. Students will gain critical skills and learn to be a responsible digital citizen, said Mann, a humanities teach and professional photographer. “An old Chinese proverb states ‘Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember and involve me and I will understand.’ We aim to involve students as closely to what they are learning about as possible,” she said. PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING 3 SURVEYS. Positive/critical feedback is invited. Please take your time. Blogging and program overview: Take Our Survey! Specifically Blogging: (Round 2) Take Our Survey!

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