New Cap Television Spend a Day

September 28- Michael Carroll kicking things off!

Michael Carroll (pictured left) kicked off our NewCap Television partnership. Each School of Global Media Studies student will be spending an entire day with a NewCap Television reporter/camera man as they travel throughout the community to bring the news to people all over the surrounding area. We would like to thank Kathy Lee specifically for making such an enormous task a reality. She is the mastermind behind teaching students about how the media works from in the inside. Each student will learn skills beyond reporting and shooting video as they better their skills in talking to others, capturing stories, video editing, designing and beyond. Watching the evening cast live or in the control room is another option being given to the students. While many of the students do not know what career’s they will be working towards post graduation the skills they will be developing throughout this opportunity are sure to enhance whatever paths they pursue.
Thank you again to Kathy Le- what a tremendous opportunity to educate our youth!


Featured in The Lloydminster Source- Oct. 4, 2011



Whitney Stinson with NewCap interviewing Joey Hurley!

Jack Haskins teaching Joey H the ropes of the business!

NewCap Television WE LOVE YOU. Special shout out to Kathy Le!

Zach A.

Troy S.B.

Rayna M.

Rayna and Hannah with Mr. Leon Benoit!- Wow!

Hannah Harris

Mikayla Betton

Ty Hauber

Becci Fair Lien

Riley Morrell and Shawn Doll

Sam and Kelsey

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