David Suzuki Video Conference

On November 1, 2011 we took part in a Video Conference with David Suzuki himself!
See below for an article the Meridian Booster did on our experience.
Wow! Here are some of the pictures a few of us took.
Thank you Mr. Suzuki for sharing your passion with us.
We watched his latest film the Forces of Nature as a class. Check out our blog posts!

Miss Mann with Mr. Suzuki

Learning- amped up!

Hannah H.

Brodie Y. and Luke F.

Shawn D. and Zach A.


Article in the Meridian Booster on Monday November 7, 2011 Check out http://www.meridianbooster.com for more. This story and photography was done by Justina C.

All credit goes to the MeridianBooster.com

Thank you Justina C.



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