Anti Drug and Alcohol Contest

-We did it again! We cannot believe it.
Lloydminster and Area Drug Strategy has chosen a winner for our 2013 commercial contest. The winning student is Cali de Kock with her video PSA #2. The committee was very impressed with all of the entries from your students and happy to have such a large number of students participate from schools all across the surrounding community. 

Congratulations to Melissa Noeth for her 400$ win! Ashton Allen and Neil Harris for their 100$ 2nd place win.

Congratulations to: Shawn Doll and Troy Salzl Borzel for winning the contest!
A huge thank you and congratulations to all students who walked away winners as all the videos they shot will be aired on New Cap Television.

The boys ran with Megan from the LCYC in The Lloydminster Source on November 1. You can download the entire Lloydminster Source newspapers on their website: (It is an awesome local paper!) Thank you Riley M. for your amazing PHOTOSHOP skills.

NewCap Television Story aired October 29- Begin viewing at about 1:22 to see coverage of the big win!
See Video HERE

Peter Quinlann from NewCap Television gets a close up view of Troy SB and Shawn D. Troy and Shawn won $500 for receiving the most votes for their video! Goooo SGMS!

Mrs. Barton and Miss Mann pose with the first, second and third place video winners. Fortunately all the students are winners with all video’s being shown on New Cap.

From Left: Peter and Kathy from New Cap, Megan from the Lloyd Youth Center, Jessie Mann, Shawn Doll, Troy Salzl Borzel and Susan Barton pause during cheque presentation celebrations! We aired on TV Friday October 28, 2011


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