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Hey, Jessie Mann here; photographer and educator with the Lloydminster Catholic School Division. I am currently fulfilling a role as Digital Communications Coordinator within the division. I was also fortunate enough to have the title as an Aboriginal Mentorship Coordinator for 8 years.  The Mann side of my family immigrated to Canada in the late 1800’s where they worked with the First Nations North of Lloydminster to farm and foster mutual educational opportunities. The desire to learn more about the culture has permeated into my professional practice. The importance of honouring all cultures and embracing difference is at the forefront of my personal values and beliefs. Thus explaining my never ending need to travel, explore, create and imagine.

I knew when I became a teacher I would be signing up for a lifetime of learning. What I got… was so much more than I could have hoped for. Teaching is a way of life and one I embrace whole heartedly. With teaching comes more learning than actual teaching. Students shock and surprise me everyday and the world they are growing up is busier than ever. Preparing them to be critical and creative thinkers with expanding worldviews and even bigger dreams- I can’t believe I get this job! I have experience in teaching high school humanities and my new passion lies with integrating technology and experiential learning into the lives of the students within my ‘classroom’. The world is our classroom.

I am easily excited and have been referred to as the energizer bunny- although sleep is sometimes a hobby. Life has to much to offer- no time to waste! I spend much of my free time as a photographer or seeking an adrenaline rush. I love golfing and wake surfing and spend as much time outside during the summer months as possible. I think I was a skydiver in my last life as it is my new favourite rush.

Kudos to my incredible students of 2012 who supported my work within obtaining a Masters degree from the University of Regina graduating in curriculum and instruction. My thesis focused on development and instruction of a program I created called The School of Global Media Studies. Which is now taught by 3 different teachers and available in two grades at HRHS. Students will receive credits in three classes, in two hours- learning and using the newest cutting edge technology. We want to see, hear, feel, touch and taste the outcomes rooted within our curriculums.

On a personal note my family and friends are #1. I love my home. My horses and dogs are my weakness and the music is always playing! I run- but hate it until it is over- and chocolate and coffee keeps me going. Thank you for stopping by to see what my students, clients and I are up to as we create digital footprints that highlight our learning, show our character and  celebrate our differences.

2015 British Petroleum A+ for Energy Grant Receipt and Award Winner ($10,000)
2015 Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow
*only 4 Canadian teachers currently hold this designation
2015 Ken Spencer Award: Honourable Mention ($1000)
2015 Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator #miee
2014 Microsoft Innovative Educator
2014 Microsoft Learn-a-thon Winner at the Global Forum in Barcelona, Spain
2014 School of the Future Educator Forum Reserve Winner in Philadelphia, U.S.
2013/2014/2015 SMART Exemplary Educator
2013/2014 Alberta Adobe Master Teacher
2013 Microsoft Partners in Learning Regional Winner

Building Community Capacity for Positive Youth Development 2015
BP’s A+ for Energy Conference Banff, Alberta 2015
Florida’s Educational Technology Conference Orlando, FL 2013/14/15
In the Cloud with Office 365 Orlando, FL 2015
Creativity Skills to Enhance Any Classroom Orlando, FL  2015
The Relevant Educator Orlando, FL 2015
Pumping up Project Based Learning Orlando, FL  2015
Teaching Transformed: Tech- Rich Classroom Orlando, FL 2015
Digital Differentiation with Google Apps Orlando, FL 2015
60 in 60: Instructional Technologies Orlando, FL 2015
Project-Based Tech Tools to Transform Orlando, FL 2015
Blended Learning Toolbox (20 Tools) Orlando, FL 2015
Top 25 Must Have Chrome App Extensions  Orlando, FL  2015
Lloydminster Inspire Woman’s Conference* Lloydminster, AB. 2015
Microsoft Global Forum Presenter/Winner* Barcelona, Spain 2014
School of the Future Forum Presenter/Winner* Philadelphia, PA 2014

Future of Educational Technology Conference* Orlando, Florida 2016
Canada’s Technology Conference* Niagara Falls, Ontario  2014/2015
ATLE Convergence Conference* Edmonton, Alberta 2014
Google for Education Certification: Basic Online  2014
Il4K12 Conference* Vancouver, B.C. 2014
Windows in the Classroom Lloydminster, AB. 2013/14
Lloydminster Catholic PD Week* Lloydminster, AB. 2008-14
Taking it Global: PBL Course* Online 2013

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