HEY! Missing Assignments!

Can you believe it! The semester is almost over.
I have gotten through the Google Classroom.
Please check and see if you have any missing assignments currently affecting your marks. These need to be in and done as soon as possible and no later than Friday 3:00.
Thank you.
When you complete something shoot me a text.
Well done and see you all Monday for the English Final!

Photography Practical Final:
Hagen, Landon, Coltan, Lex, Luke, Colby

Independent Novel Study:
Gracie, Hagen, Jess, Colby, Kait, Lex, Lydia, Trev, James

Colby, Leah, Landon

Gracie, Coltan

TKAM Final Project:
Landon, Luke, Lydia, Trevor

Media Final Video:
Gracie, Coltan

Introduce and Thank a Speaker:
Jess, Gracie

Graphic Design Project #albertastrong:
Gracie, Landon

Secondhand Lions
Leah, Lydia

Wellness Wheel:
If you handed this in on paper, let me know. I have 5 handed in on paper that are graded.
These are who I have no paper/Google Classroom projects for:
Lydia, Kait, Landon, Gracie, Jess

Rethinking the Relationship:
Ash, Landon, Lex, Lydia, Trevor, Leah, Colby

Man in the Casket:
Leah, Jess, Lydia, Coltan

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