Day #77, Tuesday!

Bell Work:
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Period 4: English 20
Instructions: Please answer the following questions on loose leaf or on a Word document.
Bordertown Café
                  Act I Questions

  • How does Jimmy react to the call from his dad?
  • What is his mother’s reaction to Don’s message?
  • What happened the last time Don was supposed to pick Jimmy up?
  • How does Jimmy feel about his dad?
  • How does Jimmy treat his mother and grandparents?
  • What do the grandparents think of Don? Why?
  • What is amusing about the conversation between Marlene and Maxine?
  • How do they all feel about jimmy going to live with Don?
  • What kind of a person is Jimmy? How do you know?
  • Why is Marlene upset at the thought of Jimmy leaving?
  • What does Maxine think of Canada and Canadians? How do you know?
  • Why is Jimmy reluctant to tell his mother about Linda?
  • How does Jimmy feel about Linda?
  • Why did Jimmy have an accident with his truck?
  • Why did he tell everyone he was drinking and driving?
  • Why is Jim opposed to Jimmy moving to the States with his dad?
  • What kind of a relationship has Jimmy had with Don? How do you know?
  • How does Jimmy feel about moving in with his dad?

Period 5: Social Studies 20


How are the worlds problems interrelated? How do countries govern themselves? What can we expect in the future?

Introduction to Governance

€ I can explain how the world has changed since 1900 for the better and for the worse. 5.1
-human population has multiplied more than 4 times
-worlds economy has expanded over twenty times
-use of fossil fuels has grown over 30 times
-industrial production has increased over 50 times
€ I can define and explain the term, governance and how it applies to my country and I. 5.2
€ I can define and explain the term, government and how it applies to my country and I. 5.3
€ I can explain how Lloydminster and Canadian economies have grown, developed and changed over the last 100 years. 5.4


€ I can define and explain, military forces. 5.5a
€ I can explain what it means to have a militarized country. 5.5b
€  I can name two countries who are not militarized. 5.5c
€ I can compare and contrast Canadian military facts to that of North America and a third world country. 5.6
€ I can summarize the impacts of the first world war. 5.7
€ I can define and explain what is meant by the term, arms race. 5.8

Additional War Preview

€ I can summarize the impacts of the first and second world war; basic knowledge. 5.9a
€ I can summarize the impacts of the Cold War 5.9b
€ I can explain why the Cold War forced the superpowers to maintain a high state of readiness. 5.9c
€ I can explain why this readiness still exists today. 5.9d
€ I can summarize and explain the impacts of the war on Afghanistan. 5.10
€ I can summarize what is meant by the world is now, militarized. 5.11

Finding Alternatives to Armed Conflict

€ I can list and explain in detail benefits of finding alternatives in Armed Conflict. 5.12
€ I can explain what is meant by conflict resolution and the importance of decision making. 5.13
€ I can explain the mission of the:
Economic and Social Council
International Court of Justice 5.14

Our Future

€ I can define and explain the term tendency. 5.15
€ I can outline current tendencies that are believe to continue into the future. 5.16
€ I can explain how nations are interdependent. 5.17
€ I can explain how technological development impacts a country and its standard of living. 5.18
€ I can explain how technology developments affects the following items; 5.19
-economic forces
-cultural forces
-political forces
-environmental forces
-military forces
€ I can explain how the term ‘sustainability’ applies to our future survival as a planet. 5.20
€ I can project and predict what life will look like for humans in next 5, 20, 50 years. 5.21

World Governance: L to J Terminology: globalization, stability, government, reality, economics, sovereignty, national security, armaments, arms race, tendency

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We will go through the following information together: World Governance

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