Day #76, Monday

Your bell work this morning is to see how you all did on your English essays!
Can you believe it!? You all improved at least 3 marks out of 3. Collectively as a class you MASSIVELY improved! I am very impressed.

Period 4: Photography 20
1) ‘Self Portraits’ are OVERDUE.
When you have your self portrait done please also put it in the Google Classroom area for the year end video. The year end video is already 8 minutes long. Sorry. Not Sorry.
2) You will have today to hand in your assignments from your final practical exam.
Please hand in the following images. There is a link to hand them in on Google Classroom!
1) Worms Eye/Bokeh
2) Framing
3a. Freezing Motion
3b. Blurred Motion
4) Placing Couples
5) Texture
6) Nature
7) Vanishing Point
8) Leading Lines

Period 5: Social Studies 20
Key People Practice;
You all have the handout. Please get practicing! This is worth over 50 marks on your final exam so please ensure you cover all you need to.

Period 6: English 20
Please go down and see Mrs. Smith. Check out Bordertown Cafe. We will be reading this quick play together.
-Independent Novel Studies are overdue.

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