Day #72, TUESDAY

PERIOD 4: County Fair! Have fun.

PERIOD 5: Social Studies 20
We will finish the discussion on ways to abolish poverty around the world.

PERIOD 6: English 20
1) Checklist
We will review the following checklist together.

2) Let’s take a look at your old essays.
Read them over.

3) Look at your rubrics.
Using the post it note write 3 things on their that you are going to work on.

4) Look through your checklist again…

5) THESIS PRACTICE together.
Choose one antagonist character and discuss why they are the most important evil character in either Fix Me or To Kill a Mockingbird.

Write a thesis statement on your own and the three ways that you would prove this.
You will be sharing this with the class.

6) We will read I Am Grandmother together.

Senior L to J practice during work period for anyone that wants it.

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