Day #70, Friday

Period 4: English/Social
Rethinking the Relationship
You will watch the following video.

Click HERE to watch the video.

Questions to complete while watching:
*These are in Google Classroom with the value on how they will be marked. 
These are in Google Drive.
1. What is the premise and purpose of Wab Kinew’s 8th Fire Series?
2. Wab Kinew calls himself an _________________ for First Nations people.
3. What does Wab give George and why?
4. What does ‘Indian Giver’ mean? Why is this statement not accurate?
5. Canada’s economy is/was booming. What do native people and ‘westernized’ people have offer that economy?
6. Why does Wab Kinew say that Canadian’s don’t understand Native people? Does he blame them?
7. Does Wab want to keep/scrap the Indian Act? Why?
8. What subjects does Wab people think is so important? Why?
9. We have talked a lot about bridging the gap and stopping the racism and coming ‘together.’ Come up with 5 ways that you think Canadian people ‘TOGETHER’ could make a difference to strengthen relationships. (You may have to do some research.)
10. Do Aboriginal relations matter to you? Why or why not? Explain with examples.

STUDENTS will have the rest of class to finish this.
Please hand in to Google Classroom.

Beginning of Period 5: Social
Week in Rap…
Open up your Google Doc files and write down current events information

THEN you will watch Now and Then.
The sub will have booklets to hand you.
Please watch the video, complete the handouts and then leave them with her.
Please no computers during the movie. It is time to do some reflecting.

Review handout together and begin!

Now and Then
Now and Then

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