Day #69, Thursday

Period 4: English 20
Remembering the targets, lesson and themes from last class… we will read another example of excellent literature from Aboriginal authors.
Bell Work:

What were the two primary objectives of the residential school?

We will read Charlie together.

  1. What point of view is used in the story?
  2. Describe the character of Charlie.
    Is he a round or flat character?
    Is he static or dynamic?
    Include any physical or emotional characteristics that are mentioned in the story. Where is he from? What is his family like?
  3. How does the author feel about the residential school system? Support your answer with a specific line from the story.
  4. Nature imagery is used throughout the story. What is the purpose of these images? Include a specific image from the story in your answer.
  5. Describe the attitude of the priests and teachers towards the students at the school. Support your answer with two specific lines from the story.
  6. What is the purpose of including the thoughts of the teacher and the father?
  7. What is the invisible thing that bothers Charlie? How do you know?
  8. Word choice is very important in the story. It helps the reader imagine the setting. One line reads “Charlie prepared for the best part of his incarceration”. Why does the author choose to describe the school in this way?
  9. Snow is a constant symbol throughout the story. List all of the references you can find to snow. Why do you think this might be included?
  10. Discuss the comparison of “Whites” in the story to wolves. Why do you think this is used?
  11. What is Charlie’s father most afraid of? Why does he say the boys are “driven by the shame of their own uselessness”?
  12. What conflict occurs in the story? Identify the conflict (or conflicts) and also provide an example.

Period 5: Social Studies 20
-Poverty continuation
You will all present your post its.
It is a good idea to write down each others main points.

WORK PERIOD if we have extra time.
Blog post due.
Website should be nearly formatted.
It is time to get some things in and done.

Period 6: Media Studies 20/Photography 20
Critiquing images together…
You will critique an image on your own.
The image must be a Professional Photographer of Canada selected image.

WORK PERIOD if we have extra time.
Blog post due.
Website should be nearly formatted.
It is time to get some things in and done.

Period 4: English/Social
Rethinking the Relationship
You will watch the following video.

Click HERE to watch the video.

Questions to complete while watching:
*These are in Google Classroom with the value on how they will be marked. 
These are in Google Drive.
1. What is the premise and purpose of Wab Kinew’s 8th Fire Series?
2. Wab Kinew calls himself an _________________ for First Nations people.
3. What does Wab give George and why?
4. What does ‘Indian Giver’ mean? Why is this statement not accurate?
5. Canada’s economy is/was booming. What do native people and ‘westernized’ people have offer that economy?
6. Why does Wab Kinew say that Canadian’s don’t understand Native people? Does he blame them?
7. Does Wab want to keep/scrap the Indian Act? Why?
8. What subjects does Wab people think is so important? Why?
9. We have talked a lot about bridging the gap and stopping the racism and coming ‘together.’ Come up with 5 ways that you think Canadian people ‘TOGETHER’ could make a difference to strengthen relationships. (You may have to do some research.)
10. Do Aboriginal relations matter to you? Why or why not? Explain with examples.

Friday: Now and Then
Now and Then



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