Day #65, Thursday

Just over 20 days left together team!
Here is a quick snap of Caitlyn:

Period 4: English 20
Fix Me

Chapter 13
1. A great deal was uncovered in this chapter? Take a minute to list everything that was unveiled.
2. Do you get the impression that Brian and Leia’s mother knew what their father was doing?
3. Why do you think Michaels writes the novel ensuring the big issues are noted in a subtle and unclear manner?

Chapter 14/15
1. Prediction; What do you think is going to happen to Leia now?
2. What has Leia learned about who she is because of her connection to the elephants skin?
3. How does the final statement relate back to the comparison to the elephants; “Inside there’s Leia. Outside there’s me.”
4. Why doesn’t Michaels ever mention Leia’s real name?

Period 5: Social Studies 20

Please watch the video above and answer questions about it:
What is the difference between sponsorship and partnership?
What is the difference between a hand up and a hand out?
What are some ways that people can help those impoverished really break the cycle and the ‘trap’?
How to you foster passion in someone whose basic needs are not met?


Aboriginal Worldviews and Treaty Education

€ What is the traditional worldview of Aboriginal peoples in relation to the; treatment of mother earth? 4.20
-treatment of others? -treatment of ‘money’?
€ I can define and explain acculturation. 4.21
€ I can define and explain assimilation. 4.22
€ I can list and explain 5 elements of acculturation that were used again Aboriginal peoples. 4.23
-invasion and resistance -evacuation and urbanization
-discrimination -personal and cultural identity
-indigenous trap
€ I can define and explain a treaty. 4.24
€ I can explain the contrast between Tradition Aboriginal Worldviews and those of the European settlers. 4.25
€ I can articulate where discrepancies existed in treaty signings. 4.26

Designing your own WELLNESS WHEEL. Click HERE.

1. Design a wellness wheel that depicts how you live in accordance with what we have learned about WELLBEING. (This can be done in any way you chose.)
-graphic design
-Dream Catcher style
-on paper
-through poetry
2. Explain why areas of your wheel are bigger than others.
3. Set 1 goal for each area of your wheel.
4. Finally explain how wellness is something all people need regardless of where they live.
-consult Maslows’s hierarchy of needs


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