Day #63, Tuesday!

Period 4: English 20
Chapter 8/9
1. What is the explanation behind Leia’s plotting to kill someone? Do you think she is serious?
2.Prediction: Why do you think Leia was keeping the item and hiding it from her brother?
3. What themes do you think are starting to become consistent within the novel?

Chapter 10
1. Why do you think Brian and Leia erased all memory of their parents? By destroying all the items do you think it helps with forgetting?

Period 5: Social Studies 20
‘Learning Target’ discussion will continue on!
*Open up your target notes.

Lydia and Gracie:
Click HERE for what you worked on yesterday.
Go and MAKE A COPY of this for your notes.
You will each introduce your SLIDES and teach us your target.
Then we will watch the following video.

Period 6: You will receive your website information and I will give you time to work.
Representing – Website Rubric
Below is a to do list in order of how you should complete tasks.
Tomorrow will be a double work period. We will read and then you will have two straight hours to work.
This should GUIDE your presentation on June 14,15, 16.
(Start by thanking, who thanked you.)
The order of the following can be adjusted however you like but you should include all of the following in your presentation:
-About me page
-Your final video should be posted on YouTube and it should be embedded into your website
-Information about your passion project
-Essential Question introduction
-Essential Question wrap up
-1 blog post
-Graphic design pieces (images that charted your progress or ones you are proud of from class)
-Self portrait should be posted with your descriptions explaining why you did what you did or something written that creatively depicts why you did what you did
-Storyboarding/Planning Documents (submitted to Miss Mann)

*It’s mark a mania!
To Kill a Mockingbird Questions Round 1: Trev and Kait
Photography Genre Studies: Jess, Luke, Kait, Landon and Trev
Fictionalized Journal Entries: Caitlyn, Lex, Coltan, Gracie
To Kill a Mockingbird Questions Round 2: Trev and Landon
Ecological Footprint: Colby
To Kill a Mockingbird FINAL PROJECT: Leah, Jess, Trevor, Lydia, Luke, Lex, Hagen, Landon, Ash
Man in the Casket Theme Song Selection: Leah, Jess, Lydia, Coltan
Secondhand Lions Questions: Leah, Jess, Trevor, Lydia, Luke, Caitlin, Lex, Kait, Cody, Landon, Ash
#Alberta Strong Projects:  Luke, Lex, Landon, Gracie
Advertising Ways to Sell: Leah, Jess, Luke, Caitlyn, Lex, Kait, Ash, Coltan
Media Studies Projects: Everyone but Ash and Riley
Self Portrait: You know who you are.

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