Day #62, Monday!

25 days left together! SAAAAY WHAT!?
Is that crazy or what?
That was a crazy busy Friday.
Those of you who haven’t done the Quizziz please do so NOW! 🙂
Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.58.01 PM

Period 4: Fix Me
Chapter 6
1. Why does Leia seem so embarrassed at the thought of liking Kyle?
2. Why is the bond between the monkey and Leia so real for her?

Chapter 7
1. Why is Brian so quick to bring Leia needles; when he isn’t the type to do things for her?
2. What are 2 symbols you think could represent the major themes or ideas in the novel?

Period 5: Social Studies 20

‘Learning Target’ discussion!
Click HERE for what you worked on yesterday.
Go and MAKE A COPY of this for your notes.
You will each introduce your SLIDES and teach us your target.
Then we will watch the following video.

Period 6:
We will watch Ash and Riley’s videos.
I will give you some passion project rubrics!

Introduce and Thank a Speaker
Introduce and Thank a Speaker Handout
Thank and Introduce a Speaker Thank you
Speaking – Introducing and Thanking Speaker Rubric

If you are interested in seeing some of my wedding pictures from the weekend they are below:

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