Day #60, Thursday

Want to know something INSANE?
27 full days together left! Does that stress you out? That stresses me out!
It also makes me sad.
WAAAAAAAAAAAAT? There is no time to slack my lovely little nose miners.
Let’s get on this and remember, I AM HERE TO SUPPORT YOU!

Period 4: ENGLISH 20
Chapter 2:
2. Prediction: How do you think the main character knows the stranger in the coffee shop? Did she overreact? What do you think she is afraid of?

We will now read Chapter 3
Chapter 3

1. What do you think could have stood out to the main character when she overheard the conversation between the mom and child? Specifically the line that says; “Maybe they like being nice and not hurting people, honey. You know, like we do.”

2. Why do you think she feels safe with the elephants close by?

I would like you all to get a picture of what you think Leia looks like. Hand in your screen shot to Google Classroom and I will print and we will see how our ‘idea of what she looks like’ evolves and changes.

Ideas for FINAL FIX ME projects.
Don’t stress these are not due till after the book is done but if you want to start thinking about it now… go ahead!

Additional PROJECT ideas:

  1. Describe at least one significant problem Leia faces and discuss how he dealt with that problem. Use details from the story to support your ideas.2. Make up 5 interview questions for Leia, along with choosing 3 to answer how you think SHE would respond.3. Draw a map of the zoo the depicts how Leia feels about each of the places.4. Tell what happened before the story began.

    5. Write a different ending for the story.

    6. Where do you think each of the characters will be in 5, 15, 25 years?

    7. Your character calls into a radio show for advice. Choose which show your character would call in to and then create the conversation he or she would have with the radio advice giver.

    8. Think about all the kinds of mementos you would put in a scrapbook for your character, cutting out pictures from magazines or drawing the mementos he or she would have in a scrapbook.

    9. Write an opinion column like those that appear on the editorial page of the newspaper. Choose a theme or topic from the novel you just read and write the column from the point of view of one of the characters. Your character might write about the importance of education or why we should accept people who are not like us.

    10. Write a poem that captures the essence of the novel.

We are going to review ALL of the following LEARNING TARGETS.

Poverty Introduction

€ I can explain well-being and how it applies to others, and myself. 4.0
€ I can explain how the following examples of beliefs and values
-family -community -church -school -athletics -arts
-business -mass media -advertising -military -government
€ I can explain the elements of poverty. 4.1
€ I can explain in detail, The Global Poverty Trap. 4.2
€ I can explain, who are the poor? 4.5
€ I can explain upper, middle, working and lower class. 4.6
€ I can explain where poverty exists in the world, nation and locally. 4.7
€ I can explain 5 truths surrounding general characteristics of the poor. 4.8

Disparities in Wealth

€ I can explain income distribution. 4.9
€ I can explain what it means; per capita income and can state facts that relate. 4.10
€ I can explain how our local per capita income compares to others in the country- world. 4.11
€ I can explain what a developing country is and outline elements for growth. 4.12


€ I can explain how worldviews can affect ideas of poverty and wealth. 4.13
€ I can explain that industrial societies tend to accept liberal materialistic assumptions. 4.14
€ I can explain 2 approaches who how cultures can resolve conflict. 4.15

Developing World

€ I can explain what is meant by the term, developing world. 4.16
€ I can explain the terms, first, second and third world and explain how countries fit under each title. 4.17
€ I can explain how developing countries have been attempting to build their economies. 4.18
-modernize -technology -competitive niche
€ I can explain 5 reasons why a country would fit into the title, developing country. 4.19
-low GDP -subsistence agriculture
-low per capita income -high birth rates -undernourishment

Poverty and Wealth: L to J Terminology:
first world, second world, third world, annihilation, assimilation, hierarchy

Period 6: MEDIA STUDIES 20
Let’s discuss some advertising and marketing.
1) I hate to talk about alcohol here but… let’s discuss the new Budweiser campaign. Genius or ludacris?

2) Let’s review the BRANDING and the MARKETING techniques in the following video.

What brands are advertised?
Do you think this branding is tastefully done?
-perfectly done
-expertly done
Let’s discuss.

3) Quick Powerpoint…

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