Day #49, Monday!

HEY! Welcome back from a 4 day break!
Again I want to thank you guys for a great field trip on Thursday!
I will have two videos to show you this week highlighting the great time we had.

I want to congratulate Ash on an amazing PASSION day yesterday.
Check out this snap she took.
Period 4
: English 20
Think about your independent novel. Today is the day to commit to a novel and a plan.
What is your selected novel?
What is your plan for that novel to prove your deeper learning?
Complete this FORM when you know. DUE TODAY.

CLICK HERE! if the box below doesn’t work.

Then we will discuss the Elements of a Short Story!

Characteristics of a Short Story
-a short story can be read in one sitting
-a short story involves characters in conflict
-a short story has few characters
-a short story has a single plot line
-the purpose of a short story is to impart to the reader a message about life

Character(s) – Any person in the story.
Protagonist: the main character of the story
Antagonist: the character or force in conflict with the main character

Point of view – Point of view is the position from which the narrator tells a story. There are four main points of view:

  • First person: the narrator is a character in the story, relating events using personal pronouns such as “I” and “we”. The narrator can only relate to those events in which he/she is present.
  • Omniscient: from the Greek word meaning “all knowing.” The narrator is not a character in the story, but rather an observer who can be in all places at once and know the thoughts of all characters.
  • Limited Omniscient: similar to omniscient in that the narrator is an observer, not a character, but the limited omniscient narrator knows the thoughts of only one character and can relate only the events at which that character is present
  • Second person (Objective): an attempt to make the reader a character in the story using the pronoun, “you”.

    Characteristics –
    Personal human qualities such as bravery, jealously, cruelty, kindness.
    a) Setting – A time and place in which the story happens or occurs.
    b) Local Color – Detail of the regional setting (i.e., landscape, dialect, customs, etc.)
    c) Theme – Message of the story.

Atmosphere – A cloud of feelings with which you envelop your story (i.e., falling leaves and rain used to create an atmosphere of sadness).

Mood – The feeling created in a reader by the events in the story (i.e., pity, joy, terror, etc.)

Suspense – A tense feeling of waiting or expectation; created by various means hinting at actions to come, putting the hero in danger.

Conflict – The struggles which is the basis of the story. There are three types of conflict. They are as follows:

  • Physical: man against man; man against nature
  • Mental: man against man; “outfoxing”
  • Inner: man against himself

 Plot – The arrangement of a series of incidents or events which lead by cause and effect, from the opening of the story to the climax.

    • Crisis: turning point where the fortunes of the protagonist either improves or declines
    • Climax: the moment of highest excitement or dramatic intensity
    • Anticlimax: occurs after the climax

Here is the full document: elements-of-a-short-story

Now it is your turn to prove it! You will read; Man in the Casket on your own and fill our the following survey as it relates to the information/elements of a short story.

Click HERE if the box below doesn’t work.

Period 5: Social Studies 20
1) There are some of you who need to do the Population Kahoot:
Leah, Jess, James, Lydia, Alexei, Cody
2) I still need Population/OverPopulation essay outlines from:
Jess, Lydia, Luke, Coltan, Ash, Gracie (Please hand them in before the end of the day if you haven’t already. I want to mark them asap and do some group activities on them!) 🙂
3) TKAM Questions 19-22 (these are overdue kiddos).
Colby, Landon, Leah and Trevor
4) Photography Genre
Hey guys, all of you are done the photography but many of you need to do the fictionalized journal entry. Get this in please. THANKS!

The CIA has been live tweeting!?
Check this out!
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.01.23 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.23.44 PM

Go to Google Classroom for your 10 questions quiz or go through the steps below. Both will take you to the same place! You bet it is for marks! 🙂 Use your name or initials please otherwise you will have to do it over again.
Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.46.04 PM.png

Period 6: WORK PERIOD.
How are everyones videos coming along?
These are DUE THIS WEEK!


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