Day #48, Wednesday

Current Events:
1) Saaaaay What? Lloyd news.
2) Week in Rap.

Bell Work:
Let’s talk about the following two images.

Period 4: English 20
Independent Novel Projects
Let’s talk about independent novel projects. Yes you have to read a novel on your own.
Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do Go Set a Watchmen and we don’t have books or audio capabilities for everyone. However, someone is welcome to borrow my copy. I want to give you choice on this but need to make sure you read your novel. I think it would make sense to try and find a book that appeals to your passion projects! Am I right?

ON MONDAY, I would like to know your book and project.

Time to get into ANOTHER short stories:
Learning Targets:
I will be able to find deeper meaning in a short story.
I will be able to find symbolism within a story.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 1.58.00 PM.png

Today we will read:
A Private Talk with Holly
What is the symbolism of the fish? (3)

What audience is this story written for? How do you know this? (2)

Review the types of conflict. List AND EXPLAIN two different types of conflict in this story (4)

How can YOU relate to the stories we are reading in class? Choose either “ Man in the Casket”, “Shaving” or “A Private Talk with Holly” and explain how you can relate to either the characters, the events or the topics. (3)


Period 5: Social Studies 20
Crash Course:

Questions to consider
How long have people been around on planet earth?
What is a hunter gatherer?
What erupted and almost wiped out people?
What is a forager? What does it mean?
Why did agriculture emerge around the world?
Why is forcing the environment to adapt to humans a BIG DEAL?
What sanitation mistake did early people make?
Why was alcohol ‘safer’ to drink than water?
What does agrarian mean? (Google it if you can’t quite figure it out.)
Who is Hobbes?
Who is Rousseau?
STOP at 8:00minutes.



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