Day #47, Monday

Read the following:

HEY my incredible team!
I sent a ton of emails over the weekend making sure that the plans for our field trip to Edmonton are ready to rock and roll. Who still needs to hand in some money or forms?
We will depart at either 7:15 or 7:30am on Tuesday, April 26.
11:00 am-1:00pm                  Pixel Blue Media
1:15-1:30 pm                            Lunch on the bus as we drive to the Public Library.
Photo shoot in Downtown area (you will have DSLR’s)
2:00-3:00 pm                          Edmonton Public Library Makerspace Area (TOUR)
3:00-3:45 pm                           Edmonton Public Library Makerspace Area (FREE TIME)
4:30-6:00 pm                          Microsoft Youth Spark (Possibly a fruit ninja tournament
6:15 pm                                      Supper together as a SGMS family at Denny’s
7:00 pm                                     We will drive home.
9:45 pm                                      Please arrange to have your parents pick you up

Who didn’t write the test on Friday.
Off to the library you go please. Leave phones here. You will be responsible to catch up on everything else you missed okay! THANKS! Good luck.

To Kill a Mockingbird Projects are due! Please hand them in to Google Classroom NOW!

Period 4: English 20
Independent Novel Projects
Let’s talk about independent novel projects. Yes you have to read a novel on your own.
Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do Go Set a Watchmen and we don’t have books or audio capabilities for everyone. However, someone is welcome to borrow my copy. I want to give you choice on this but need to make sure you read your novel. I think it would make sense to try and find a book that appeals to your passion projects! Am I right?

You can do either an Artifact Box: 2014 English 20 Independent Novel Study
(This can be done using Photoshop as well if you don’t want to but tangible things in a box.)
OR informally propose a plan to do something unique!?

On Monday I will be asking you what books you have selected to do your study on!

Time to get into some short stories:
Learning Targets:
I will be able to find deeper meaning in a short story.
I will be able to find symbolism within a story.

Today we will read; SHAVING. (It is one of my ultimate favourites!)

Shaving” by Leslie Norris
There are things that will happen in our lives that we can’t anticipate. When these things happen we need to be able to take the whole experience in and see the positives in it.

List three positives in this story? (3)
What does the shave represent? (2)
What does it show us about the two characters? (2)

Writers often imply more than they say directly. Explain what is implied in each of the following lines or passages. (6)

“You’re too young,” his father said, “to have this happen.”
“Not too young, ” Barry said. “I’m bigger than most men.”
“I think you are, ” his father said. (Norris 122)

“Not long ago they had been small bare hands, not very long ago.” (Norris 122)

“But now the window was full in the beam of the dying sunlight, and Barry stood there, illuminated in its golden warmth for a whole minute, knowing it would soon be gone.” (Norris 123)

What did you like about this adaptation?
What was how you expected it?
What did you picture differently?

Period 5: Media Studies 20

Period 6: Social Studies 20
We have a few key people to finish up! Nope. I did not forget!

POPULATION: L to J Terminology:
*Please copy these into a NEW google doc in your Social Studies Unit Two.
Natality, industrialization, trend, density, fallacy, procreation, standard of living, demographic, immigration, emigration, urbanization, rural, consequences, carrying capacity

Let’s take a look at the migration patterns of HUMANS.
€ I can define immigration. 2.9
€ I can define migration. 2.10
€ I can list at least 3 major groups of people who have migrated from one country to another. 2.11
€ I can explain ‘pros’ in population growth. 2.12
€ I can explain ‘cons’ and consequences in population growth. 2.13
€ I can explain how trends apply to population. 2.14

Crash Course:

Questions to consider…
How long have people been around on planet earth?
What is a hunter gatherer?
What erupted and almost wiped out people?
What is a forager? What does it mean?
Why did agriculture emerge around the world?
Why is forcing the environment to adapt to humans a BIG DEAL?
What sanitation mistake did early people make?
Why was alcohol ‘safer’ to drink than water?
What does agrarian mean? (Google it if you can’t quite figure it out.)
Who is Hobbes?
Who is Rousseau?
STOP at 8:00minutes.


At the end of class today we need to all go and get our DSLR cameras! Don’t let me forget. If you have extra memory cards at home please bring them as a couple are missing and we don’t have enough for everyone.

TUESDAY FIELD TRIP ALL DAY! YAHOO! I am so excited to go on this adventure with you guys! Let’s make the most of it!


Bell Work: Let’s chat about yesterday! What did you think!?

Now: What do you think about when you see this?
*note that it is a silouette in the rule of thirds
Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 1.58.00 PM.png

Period 4: English 20 
Learning Targets:
I will be able to find deeper meaning in a short story.
I will be able to find symbolism within a story.

Today we will read:
A Private Talk with Holly
What is the symbolism of the fish? (3)

What audience is this story written for? How do you know this? (2)

Review the types of conflict. List AND EXPLAIN two different types of conflict in this story (4)

How can YOU relate to the stories we are reading in class? Choose either “ Man in the Casket”, “Shaving” or “A Private Talk with Holly” and explain how you can relate to either the characters, the events or the topics. (3)


Period 6: TBD


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