Day #45, Thursday

Period 4: English 20 WORK PERIOD

Period 5: Social Studies 20
Fukushima? 10,000 Dead Squid: Click HERE

Complete list from TIME magazine on the Top Ten Strange Mass Animal Deaths.
You will be partnered up with someone. You will be given an animal to study.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.09.35 AM.png

Say hi to your partner. High five them!
Read the information from TIME by clicking here and studying your animal.
Look for other information on this animal.
Take notes somewhere as you uncover information.

Answer the following questions:
Are people to blame for this mass death? (The answer should be yes.)
What could people have done to change the result of this?
What are people doing about this?
Is social media playing any type of role?
How is the media playing a role in getting this information out there to the public?

Period 6: Media Studies 20/Photography 20: WORK PERIOD

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