Day #41, Friday

Bell Work: Let’s learn some more new words from TKAM.

Period 4: ENGLISH 20
Let’s discuss the themes:
Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.28.12 PM

Check out the following powerpoint to support you:
To Kill a Mockingbird
Then Work Period TIME!

Period 5: Media Studies 20
Ya Gotta Make a Video!

I can explain why a storyboard is needed for various pieces of media.
I can make a storyboard from a completed piece of work.
I can create a storyboard for an original piece of work.
I can articulate the importance for storyboarding all media productions.
I can represent larger scale ideas in a brief manner to allow for planning and choreographing scenes.
I can write to express understanding.
I can write and represent messages in different ways.
I can summarize large detailed plans in a direct manner.

You will have to chose:
*Consider your Passion Projects
Promo Video: ?
PSA: Riley, Lydia, James
Music Video: Hagen
Advertisement: Commercial/Parody/Satire (Colby), Alexei (Potential for Trailer)
Documentary Style Video: Jess, Cody, Athena
Instructional Video: Hogey, LD Lequeesha
Newscast: ?
Parody/Satire: ?
Contest Video: Mind Share Learning?
Evidence/Security Tape: Kevin

Period 6: Social Studies 20
Let’s wrap up Key People. Let’s wrap up Revolution!

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