Day #39, Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday and early dismissal kiddos!

*You will have a week to work on your TKAM projects.
During that time we will begin each work period with a SHORT but informative activity to prepare you for your TKAM text next Friday and further build your English capabilities.
Today we begin with:
What are they?

When Calpurnia tells Jem and Scout she is going to take them to church with her, Scout recalls a not-very-nice trick her Sunday school class once played on Eunice Ann Simpson. They tied her to a chair in the furnace room and then went off and forgot her until Eunice managed to make a ruckus, disrupting the service upstairs and saying she didn’t want to “play Shadrach any more.” This expression, “play Shadrach,” is an allusion to a story in the Bible’s Old Testament in which three Hebrew children named Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are thrown into a fiery furnace by the king and are later found unharmed.

Allusions are references made to something or someone in another time or place or in another piece of writing. An author frequently uses allusions to relate something else to what is presently happening in a story. It is a form of imagery like similes, metaphors, and personification.

Common things to which a writer might allude are Biblical stories, stories from mythology, legends, and history. Sometimes titles of books are themselves allusions, such as John Steinbeck’s East of Eden (from the Bible) and Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls (from a poem by John Donne).

Put the following in your TKAM notes.
The following is a list of allusions. Name the famous person(s), or place(s), fictional or real, to which these phrases refer.

  1. “To be or not to be, that is the question.”
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. The Third Reich
  4. Il Duce
  5. Good Queen Bess
  6. The Genius of Menlo Park
  7. “I Have a Dream”
  8. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”
  9. David and his harp
  10. Garden of Eden
  11. der Führer
  12. star-crossed lovers

We will then officially start the afternoon by finishing To Kill a Mockingbird today!
We have 15ish minutes left in the movie.

Assignment Options:
To Kill a Mockingbird Projects

You will be required to complete ONE of the final projects dealing with To Kill a Mockingbird explained below.  These projects are thoughtful and meaning-making;
I want to see what you learned from this novel as a whole.

*Refer to your notes, chapter questions and discussion remarks taken throughout the novel. These will cover the big ideas and topics within Lee’s work. Pay close attention as these will reappear on the TKAM final test.
*You must have your decision made by the end of class today. This is due in one week!

This will be handed in to Google Classroom or in person depending on the project.
Your TKAM test will occur NEXT FRIDAY.

  1. Draw or design a graphic novel (individual):
    Take the most important chapter from the book and turn it into a comic book. Explain why you chose that particular chapter as the most important chapter of the book.
    There are many tech tools that will help you do an EPIC job of this if you don’t feel like you are an arteeetist.
  2. Write an epilogue to the novel (individual):
    Write an extended ending to the novel. What happened to Scout, Jem, Dill, and Boo? Explain why you wrote the ending you did. What information from the book led you to write this ending?
    (If you are writing an alternate ending, you must wait until the book is complete to work on your project. During work period time you will also be expected to look through the chapter questions and prepare a point form response to half of the chapter questions to prepare yourself to write an authentic and believable ending that is written in Harper Lee’ style.)
  3. Act Out a Scene (group):
    Pick a scene from the book and act it out in front of the class/iMovie. You must dress and act like your characters. Your group must be no bigger than 3. All individuals in the group MUST be involved in acting, writing and producing the final product. You must have a script and a quick explanation of why you chose that scene. You must also write, agree and sign a document explaining that all of you had a consistent role and explain what each student did.
  4. News Report (group):
    In a group of NO MORE than two, you must design a news report based on what you think is one of the most important scenes from the novel. One of you must be the anchor reporter and the other must be the field reporter. Each of you must write your own piece and lastly you must find and guide someone to be one character that is serving as a witness. You must have in your script and provide a quick explanation of why you chose that scene.
  5. Music (individual):
    Make a playlist of at least 10 songs that represent the themes/characters/events in the story.  Make a cover for the CD or cassette.  Also, make liner notes that explain the relationship between the songs and To Kill a Mockingbird.  In short, make sure there is at least one paragraph written for each song.  Each paragraph should make connections between the song and the book.  It should be evident from these paragraphs that you have read and that you have fully understood the themes and how they are connected to the lyrics of the songs you have chosen.
  6. Chapter Questions (individual): There are chapter questions available. Chose all the chapters questions to answer except you are exempt from answering 5 chapters. All chapter questions must be answered in a complete manner with cited references to the novel.
  7. Twitter (individual/group): Chose 3 main/supporting characters from the novel and create 3 separate Twitter accounts for each. As you read through the novel; tweet from the perspective of each. Use the chapter questions to ensure that you are digging deeper into the novel and covering the big ideas.
    You must tweet 5-10 times per chapter and ensure you have a consistent #hastag in each tweet so that your efforts can be organized and marked accordingly. Each tweet must be; original, creative and cover the important themes and topics from each chapter.
    -You could also make a fake facebook profile using
  8. Maycomb Tribune (individual): Write a volume of the Maycomb Tribune covering the important details from the past year. Your newspaper must look authentic and have at least 5 detailed and complete articles. Your newspaper must also include 3 original and authentic advertisements and/or community features or calendars of events.
    -There are super cool tech tools that will help your articles LOOK like they were in an actual newspaper.
  9. Character Representations (individual); Create a visual to represent each of the characters. Each visual must include two quotes from the novel that are properly cited, 8 words to describe them, 2 pictures and 2 symbols. Programs to use could be: Notebook, Powerpoint, WordPress page, Glogster, Powtoon Video

    Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.42.43 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.42.50 AM

We will work through and finish Key People! Yahoo.
Tomorrow you will have your 1 of 2 quizzes on those people! Eeeek.
A reminder that I am not here tomorrow. Specialist appointment’s. ICK!

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