Day #32, Monday!

Welcome back! I hope you had an outstanding Easter.

Bell Work:
Week in Rap…

Period 4: English 20
Let’s read!
What on earth is going to happen next?

Period 5: Social Studies 20
Your unit exams are over half marked. I aim to get them back to you within the week.
We will begin a new unit today.

Brain Pop:
username: hrhs
password: (I will tell you)
Make sure you watch Population Growth and write notes and review test.

We will be working on the Population Unit!
The following is a list of all the learning targets we will be covering.

Introduction: Intro to World Population

€ I can define population. 2.1a
€ I can analyze graphs as they relate to population growth over the centuries. 2.1b
€ I can explain why population is affected by technology and industrial systems. 2.1c
€ I can draw inferences from population data. 2.1d
€ I can define birth rate and make inferences based on statistics. 2.2
€ I can define death rate and make inferences based on statistics. 2.3
€ I can explain the current population rates/percentages around the world. 2.4
€ I can articulate why a greater population increase is NOT the cause of many of the world problems. 2.5
€ I can explain the human population in a chart format. 2.6

Population Effects

€ I can define migration. 2.7a
€ I can explain how migration patterns have impacts Saskatchewan. 2.7b
€ I can explain why groups of people have moved throughout the world. 2.8
€ I can define immigration. 2.9
€ I can define migration. 2.10
€ I can list at least 3 major groups of people who have migrated from one country to another. 2.11
€ I can explain ‘pros’ in population growth. 2.12
€ I can explain ‘cons’ and consequences in population growth. 2.13
€ I can explain how trends apply to population. 2.14
€ I can explain urbanization and how it relates to population growth. 2.15a
€ I can explain the relationship between human rights and population control in China. 2.15b

Population and Food

€ I can explain how food production affects population and societies. 2.16
€ I can explain how food distribution affects populations and societies. 2.17
€ I can explain the caloric intake one needs to maintain health. 2.18
€ I can explain one area in the world where starvation exists. 2.19
€ I can explain one event in history where millions of people starved to death. 2.20

Standard of Living

€ I can explain the term standard of living. 2.21
€ I can compare the densities and standards of living among
Canada 2.22
€ I can define and explain carrying capacity. 2.23a
€ I can define and explain replacement level 2.23.b
€ I can define and explain scarcity. 2.24

Growth Paradigm

€ I can summarize the growth paradigm. 2.25
€ I can explain what the ‘doom and gloom’ thought process is. 2.26
€ I can evaluate this theory and state 3 facts about its beliefs. 2.27
€ I can list 3 reasons as to how improvements can be made in developing areas. 2.28

Natalist Paradigm

€ I can summarize the natalist paradigm. 2.29
€ I can explain why those of natalist thought paradigms believe the more population, the better. 2.30
€ I can evaluate this theory and state 3 facts about its beliefs. 2.31
€ I can explain factors in ensuring that human survival is possible. 2.32
€ I can explain what it means to be in harmony with the environment. 2.33

Population Theories

€ I can explain at least 2 population theories that have existed and draw inferences on why they existed. 2.34
-Bible   -Malthus theory
-Platos Republic   -Theory of Democratic Transition
-Imperial Rome -Islam  

Population: L to J Terminology:
Natality, industrialization, trend, density, fallacy, procreation, standard of living, demographic, immigration, emigration, urbanization, rural, consequences, carrying capacity

Period 6: Photography/Media Studies 20
Let’s do some funky editing!

Merging and Combining Photos:



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