Day #22, Tuesday

Period 4: English 20
1. What information do we learn about conditions in Alabama in 1935? Why might this information be significant to the plot? (2)
2. Why did Reverend Sykes say, “Nobody leaves here till we have ten dollars”? What does this tell us about the black community? (2)
3. Analyze Calpurnia’s remark: “It’s not necessary to tell all you know.” (2)
4. How did the author use foreshadowing while explaining the reason for Aunt Alexandra’s stay with them? (1)
5. Aunt Alexandra wants the kids to be proud of their family but Atticus has been adamant that pride is not a quality that they should strive to have. Why does Atticus go along with Aunt Alexandra. What was he trying to do? (2)
6. The author used foreshadowing near the end of chapter 12. Explain (2)
7. What did Jem do that “ broke the remaining code of [their] childhood”? Judge his decision to take that action. (2)
8. Dill constantly made up tall tales. Why do you think this is? (2)
We will continue reading Chapter 14…

Period 5: Social Studies 20

€ I can define revolutionary. 1.41a
€ I can define and explain why Lenin and the Bolshevik paradigm let a revolution. 1.41b
€ I can explain a need for social change. 1.42
€ I can define the Bolshevik and the Menshevik paradigm. 1.43a
€ I can explain why Lenin wanted capitalism destroyed 1.43b
€ I can explain how individuals influenced the evolution and development of human rights. 1.44
€ I can explain a timeline of events in someone’s life who influenced the areas of human rights. 1.45
€ I can summarize the Russian Revolution and its key components that brought forth great change. 1.46
€ I can explain what Lenin believed and why. 1.47

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.24.02 PM.png

Period 6: Media Studies 20/Photography 20
Passion Project Time!

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