Day #16, Monday

Good morning guys!

Let’s watch this video together:

What does globalization mean?

Is this about shoes?
What are the ‘shoes’ in terms of literary devices?
What are the one liners that make a sense in terms of globalization.

Period 4: Social Studies 20
Then we will finish Love, Hate and Propaganda notes and then learning targets.
€ I can explain the effects of the Holocaust. 1.30a
€ I can explain what anti-Semitism means. 1.30b
€ I can define and explain “New Order”. 1.31
€ I can define and explain Hitler’s final solution. 1.32a
€ I can outline why conspirators attempted to assassinate Hitler. 1.32b
€ I can recall numerous facts as they relate to impacts of the Holocaust. 1.33
€ I can explain the consequences of the totalitarian moral vision under Hitler. 1.34
€ I can define communism. 1.35
€ I can explain communism. 1.36

Mini presentations will continue:
*Please pull out your current events work and you will turn and listen to each student presenting please to show your respect and learn, learn, learn!

What is happening in the world?
Share with us.
What human rights are being broken?
-REVIEW: How many human rights are there in the Declaration of Human Rights?

Period 5: Photography 20/Media Studies 20
Pre-Video Logs or Selfie/Self Portrait Work

Period 6: English 20
We are on Chapter 7. Today you will get a mark for your oral reading.
No stress… you can always re-do it if it doesn’t go well.

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