Day #15, Friday

Hey guys!
Check us out.

I also wanted to point out this INCREDIBLE snap by Alexei. WOW!
Check out the composition.
She has incredible intentional lighting.
The saturation of those lips is outstanding.
The subject is looking out of the frame and while this is ‘breaking a rule’ I think it is SPOT ON!
I feel this photo and I am very impressed with it.
Trevor has also been taking some extra snaps in his spare time that are lights out. Share them with me Trevor so I can share them with the class.
You guys all amaze me, each and every one of you.
Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.53.47 AM

*Check out Google Classroom; Light Painting is completeo!

Week in Rap time…
Get those Current Event documents open!

Then lets get 100% on the:
To Kill a Mockingbird Kahoot!
I have added some Chapter 6 questions… BUCKLE UP.

Then we will finish Love, Hate and Propaganda notes and then learning targets.
€ I can explain the effects of the Holocaust. 1.30a
€ I can explain what anti-Semitism means. 1.30b
€ I can define and explain “New Order”. 1.31
€ I can define and explain Hitler’s final solution. 1.32a
€ I can outline why conspirators attempted to assassinate Hitler. 1.32b
€ I can recall numerous facts as they relate to impacts of the Holocaust. 1.33
€ I can explain the consequences of the totalitarian moral vision under Hitler. 1.34
€ I can define communism. 1.35
€ I can explain communism. 1.36

Mini presentations but no presentations: 
What is happening in the world?
Share with us.
What human rights are being broken?
-REVIEW: How many human rights are there in the Declaration of Human Rights?

PERIOD 5: Chapter 7 in TKAM
Let’s add this question to your Google Docs and discuss together.
1. On page 50 Atticus explains to the kids that, just because they want to communicate with Boo doesn’t mean he wants to communicate with them. Does Boo want to communicate with them? (explain) (2)

At 1:45pm we will go to the gym to cheer on the HRHS Senior Girls Basketball Team.

If we have time today I also want to watch Gerard’s news story that you seen him putting together.

Sick as a Dog!? (Its an IDIOM PEOPLE!)

We will be going over THIS either today or tomorrow to learn more about Slavery:

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