Day #7, Tuesday

Week in Rap, LET’S CHAT!
It is a good idea to have a Google Doc that just covers Current Events from the entire semester to serve as a reminder of everything we cover in class. It wouldn’t hurt to do this as I know students appreciated doing it in the past.

1) MEDIA: Nev? Are you done your Catfish questions?
2) ENGLISH: Poetry Citation practice?
3) SOCIAL: How is your Current Events assignment coming along?
4) MEDIA: Have you filled in a few things in your media log?
Assignment: A media log is like a journal. It is a place for you to jot down your responses, reactions, thoughts and ideas about media. It is also a record of your experiences of everything mass media. These logs will be kept throughout the semester and used from time to time to jot down notes as they relate to the learning targets.
The log should include:
a. WEEK 1 chart your media and time useage on Google Sheets
b. WEEK 2 respond to what affects you 

Additional things to think about:
You should also find that your media log is a useful place to include what you are thinking about in this course, your experiences with certain media, your ideas for media projects and some of your notes on interesting findings. You may also include notes, about what you have learned about different media, articles, photos, new items, advertising, reviews and commentaries. This media log MUST be on a GOOGLE SHEETS.

Period 4/5:
ENGLISH: Let’s see where you guys are at in terms of L to J!
*A reminder to use a name that I know is yours! 🙂

Let’s get out of here and HAVE SOME FUN!
Learning Targets:
I can use manual in a dark setting to produce a creative image using various lighting techniques.
I can use Photoshop to fix up small details and highlight my light painting image.
I can manipulate aperture to serve a specific purpose.
I can manipulate shutter speed to serve a specific purpose.
I will become confident in operating a DSLR camera in manual mode.
I can plan and execute a quality image in regards to light manipulation.
I can load and unload the storage media from the camera.
I can use Adobe Photoshop to retouch an image in a natural way.

Light Painting Assignment:
*Assignment: 2 images that show your understanding of the learning targets.

Period 6:
Open up your Human Rights notes:
Let’s talk about:
€ I can explain how morality applies to human rights. 1.10a
€ I can explain what is meant by a ‘life of dignity.’ 1.10b

€ I can define and explain human rights. 1.1a
€ I can explain what ‘moral entitlement’ means and how it applies to human rights. 1.1b
€ I can explain how and why human rights are ‘universal’. 1.2

€ I can identify 10 human rights that all individuals ‘should’ have. 1.6
€ I can explain well being. 1.7 (412)

What does moral entitlement mean?
Let’s discuss and define for our notes.

What does ‘universal’ mean when we are talking about human rights?
Let’s discuss and define for our notes.


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