Happy second last day together!

You will have one full hour to work on your essay’s today.
You will be given .5 hour on Thursday to finish up.

Would you like to print off one of your photos? FREE onto massive photo paper?
Let me do that for you.
Please put your SINGLE, HIGH RESOLUTION photo or photography creation into this folder on Google Drive. HERE
-click the HERE link above
-drop in your single photo
-get your creation next week
(Yes, it is that easy!)

You have already written your massive Media Final.
Today you will have a practical component. Nope; no filming needed.
This is all about the planning.

Let’s discuss.
PART A: Group News Cast (MODULE 9A)
(THIS IS OVERDUE for many of you)

Outcomes: Create an effective production project based on a personal or group vision for communicating with the larger society beyond your classroom.

  1. Determine class production ideas and participate in pre-production planning as part of a production team with defined roles.
  2. Create a project description which includes goals, intended audience, equipment requirements, software requirements, treatment, storyboard, detailed timeline, and assessment criteria.
  3. Demonstrate skill with the use of video, audio, and/or interactive media.
  4. Assess personal and group goals through a process of reflection and self-assessment.
  5. Engage classmates and/or others in the showing/presentation of the final project.

You will take what you have learned through Module 9A/Group Project and apply it to your own work.


PART B: Individual Project (MODULE 8A)
Outcome: Develop and demonstrate skill to create and produce interactive media.

  1. Use a variety of planning techniques (e.g., research, design briefs, task lists, mock-ups, storyboards, site maps) to design an interactive media project.

    Giving you creative license is key! Here are a list of options for you to prove your learning within the course and of the curricular derived learning targets listed above. These can be realistic or done as a parody.

    Select one of the following:
    Instructional Video (1-3 min.)
    -is a recording of someone teaching people how to do something
    Day in the Life (1-4 min.)
    -video documentary of the activities of daily living of a specific person,
    animal or other living thing
    Public Service Announcement (30 seconds to 1 min.)
    -objective is raising awareness to change public attitudes of behaviour towards a specific social issue
    Advertisement (30 seconds to 1 min.)
    -a notice or announcement promoting a product, services, event, business or publicizing something specific; job, event, item
    Expose (1-3 min.)
    -you are making something visible by uncovering it
    Documentary (3-5 min.)
    -provides a factual record or report on something specific
    TV Show (5-8 min.)
    -segment of content intended for viewers to enjoy or be entertained by
    Promotional Video (1-3 min.)
    -are one of the most flexible type of marketing videos and are often one of the first things business think about when they consider a video, you are promoting something; event, job, person, animal, sport, school, etc…
    News Story (45 seconds to 3 min.)
    -factual, prose story for broadcast media about a person, place of event answering the 5W’s; who, what, where, why, when

    1) Select your video
    2) Explain in a short paragraph what your video would entail
    3) Storyboard your video
    -music -materials -angles and beyond…
    4) That’s it!

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