What year is it anyway?

Hey guys and welcome back to the end of your first semester of Grade 10 aaaand… 2016! I hope and trust you all had an awesome holiday.

Top 10 of Everything: Check it out HERE
CBC Rewind 2015: Check it out HERE
The Year in Numbers: Click HERE
2015 A-Z Cartoon: Click HERE to scope it!
Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.46.57 PM
Would you like some inspiration and want to see what real heroes and important people did in 2015? Remember to challenge yourself to look for the REAL PEOPLE in REAL LIFE.
Click HERE for Ted Talks to show you some of these real people.

**Progress Reports are next Monday guys and I will be away from Monday, Jan 11-17. On Monday, January 11 you will get your progress reports and no changes can be made to English after THIS Friday as I will be away… SOOOOOO things need to be in!
Hunger Games/Macbeth/Of Mice and Men… it’s time to be done reading all our larger pieces of literature. Time to get busy.

We have corrected Act’s 1-3 together… It’s time to get through Act 4-5 quickly before spending the majority of our time today on the MOCK test. Trust me. Focusing our energy on the MOCK exam will be best.
Then let’s finish the movie together!  While we finish the movie you can study.

Click HERE for a MASSSSSSIVE REVIEW tool to support you tonight in studying. Trust me. You will want to study and if you study this powerpoint and your MOCK test you will be awesome. Please remember how MASSIVE

For a review Monday night:

How are your News Story’s going? THEY ARE OVERDUE!
They make up the mark for a FULL MODULE in MEDIA… Come on team. Get both links up or the full videos in your Google Classroom. You all need to hand in the links and the file to your videos.

2). Photo Restoration? GET THESE IN PLEASE! 🙂

3). Make sure you have the following questions in Google Classroom
Parody Ad
Favourite Ad:
Select an ad that sells YOU the product. Don’t find the funniest or goofiest ad; the cutest ad or the scariest ad.
I want you to find an ad that SELLS you the product. An ad that has gotten the best of you.
Take that ad; whether it is video or a picture and put it in Google Classroom.
Then in the comments or on a Google Doc; answer the following questions.
Why does this ad appeal to you?
Why and how does it get the best of you?
Who is the target audience of this ad?
What tricks of the trade (list all) were applied to this add to market it to you?

Parody Ad:
Select a parody ad that makes you think twice. Don’t find the funniest or goofiest ad; the cutest parody ad or the scariest.
I wan you to find a parody ad that has changed your view… made you not want that product any longer.
Take that ad; whether it is video or a picture and put it in the same Google Classroom assignment as previous.
Then in the comments or on a Google Doc; answer the following questions.
What was the first thing you noticed about the ad?
What does it teach the viewer?
What is being made fun of in the ad?
What is different or the same compared to the real ad?
How did it make you feel?
How did the parody ad change how you look at the original advertisers?

4) Let’s learn a little about PHOTOGRAPHY GENRES.

Working with TEXTURES.
Working with Adding Dimension Lines.
GOOD LUCK and have some fun.
Here are some textures for you to try if you don’t find any online.

: We have a FIELD TRIP so we will be doing photography all day!  Which will make up for the extra Macbeth.

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