Hey team and welcome to Wednesday.
Remember that today is EARLY DISMISSAL.

Many of you seem to be super busy this time of year and taking days with family here and there. Here are the rough plans to support you in terms of where we will be with Macbeth. Questions to consider will be included throughout this as well. You are responsible to keeping up with your questions and ensuring you know the answers. All will be discussed in class as well.

December 9: Act 3 Scene 4/5/6 (ish)
December 10: Act 4 Scene 1/2 (ish)
December 11: Act 4 Scene 3 (ish)
December 14: Act 5 Scene 1/2/3 (ish)
December 15: Act 5 Scene 4/5/6 (ish)
December 16: Act 5 Scene 7/8/9 (ish)
December 17: Act 5 Scene 9 and leeway for other scenes if we read slower.
December 18: Leeway Day/Movie

Act One questions
Act Two questions
Act Three questions
Act 4 questions
Act 5

The ‘Macbeth Unit Test’ is a BEAST! Make sure you understand the answers and themes from the play so you can succeed on the test. We will review the first day after the break and our test will be the Tuesday after.

Period 1/Period 4:
Macbeth: Act 3 Scene 4/5/6

Period 2/Period 5:
Let’s talk pictures.

REVIEW DAY with the DSLR’s
Goofy Funny Christmas Campaign…

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