Monday! Second last Monday…

Hey guys!
Can you believe it… this is the second last Monday before we break for Christmas. Saaaaay what?

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Bell Work: Let’s watch the Week in Rap together.

ENGLISH 20: Macbeth
Learning Targets:
I can read a play for meaning.
I can comprehend and answer questions from a text.

Let’s review and discuss:
1. What is the name of Banquo’s son? (1)
2. What signal did Lady Macbeth use to tell Macbeth everything was ready for him? (1)
3. Who ends up putting the daggers by the drugged servants? Why? (2)
4. List at least 5 unnatural events that happened the night of Duncan’s murder or the following day. (5)
5. Where did Malcolm and Donalbain run away to and why? (3)
6. Where has Macbeth gone to be crowned? (1)
7. Where has Duncan’s body been taken for burial? (1)
8. The Porter scene was used by Shakespeare to ease the tense and suspenseful death of Duncan. What is this device called? (1)
9. What does the porter compare the castle gates to? Provide three examples of the individuals who cross through the doors? (5)
10. “My hands are of you colour, but I shame. To wear a heart so white.” (4) Who says this? / To whom? / What does it mean?
11. What 2 traumatic events happen to Macbeth before and after he kills Duncan? (2)
12. According to the porter, what three things does drink (alcohol) provoke? (3)

Learning targets:
I can understand the techniques effective speaks use to make convincing presentations
I can select an appropriate oral presentation form for a specific purpose and audience.
I can select and use the conventions of broadcast news and appropriate techniques to produce a news segment.
I can use appropriate production techniques to create a media work.
I can understand the various stages and responsibilities in the production of a news broadcast.

Once you have finished your Parody Ad and Advertising questions on Google Classroom you will begin your NEWSCAST Assignment! These will be judged by someone at Newcap TV! 🙂

In this lesson you will produce a 4 minutes news broadcast. In teams or groups of no more than 4 you will create two separate two minute news casts. One is to be a parody and one is to be serious or realistic. You can include more people if you want (you will probably need to because of interviews) and you are not limited to working with students in this class. You can film this at home or with your other friends. However- if you are doing that you will need to film on your own time and stay on track with the other students.

_____ parody or real
_____ introduction
_____ media outlet name: ie Newcap TV
_____ transitions between intro and story
_____ reporter
_____ stand up
_____ b roll
_____ voice over
_____ who
_____ what
_____ where
_____ why
_____ when
_____ how
_____ time constraints: ie 30 seconds-1 minute

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