Wednesday; Early Dismissal

Happy Wednesday!
Today is early dismissal so don’t forget and someone was asking me about when Raider Time is… it is next week.

Are your ‘Cracked Ice‘ images done?
Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.40.53 PM

Let’s take some time to honour ANTI-BULLYING Week.
Please feel free to stop by the Chapel area of the commons and take a selfie by the marked poster board there. 🙂

English 20:
I can study a person and decipher important information.
I can differentiate between an obituary and a eulogy.
I can write an obituary and/or a eulogy.
I can write to inform and show compassion and professionalism. 

In all seriousness; we need to be professional and understand the importance these play in our society.

Biographical Profile AND Obituary/Eulogy Assignment Introduction

Biographical Profile
-includes key ideas learned about this person
-begins by sharing some important background information
-describes the subject and explains what he or she accomplished
-ends by leaving the readers with someone to think about and consider


A standard obituary has four components, the order of which sometimes varies, depending on the style of the writer.
The announcement of the deceased’s passing. This will include the individual’s full name and date of death. It may also, but not necessarily, include his or her age and cause of death.Meaningful details surrounding the life of the loved one. These details may include education, hobbies, important friendships or relationships, and significant milestones (such as graduations, baptisms, marriages, births, or other important events).   Religious, spiritual, or personal convictions of the departed may also be discussed.A brief listing of relatives who have predeceased or survived the deceased. Most frequently included are parents, spouses, siblings, children, and grandchildren. Sometimes significant extended family, such as grandparents, in-laws, or cousins, may be mentioned as well.

Details as to when and where the funeral or burial will take place. Whether it is a ceremony, a service, or a celebration of life, the details regarding date, location, time, and the public or private nature of the event should be clear and concise. This component sometimes ends with information regarding where donations can be made in honor of the deceased, as an alternative to flowers.

A eulogy is a well-crafted speech intended to commemorate a loved one who has died. It is usually presented at a memorial service or funeral by someone who was close to the deceased and knows them well.A eulogy may contain:

  • a condensed life history of the person who has died
  • details about family, friends, work/career, interests, and achievements
  • favorite memories of the deceased


Obituary Assignment and Rubric

You will take your own selfie. You will then upload that selfie and explain each of the items below on the checklist and what you did to follow the rules or explain why and how you broke them.
*Same learning targets as yesterday.

Perfect Selfie Checklist
______ Angles and Tilts of the Head; ‘Show Off Angle’
______ Angles and Body Positioning
*_______ True to Reality
*_______ Flattering
*_______ Authentic
*_______ Positive
______ Taken from Above? Taken from Below? (Why?)
______ Background
______ Avoid the Look of Fear
______ Expansion
______ Frozen Motion
______ Genuine Expression; happiness, contempt or other
______ Editing: What was edited?
______ Lighting
______ Is it obvious that you took this yourself? (MUST!)

Creative Self Portrait
Exemplar Self-Portraits
Beyond the Selfie: How photographers take selfies…

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